Active Skills

Animal Kinship : - This skill allows a person to befriend or calm natural wildlife of a neutral ethic. This skill can be used to establish a relationship with an animal, rendering it suitable for training. Evil animals, like dire wolves or rabid animals for example, this has no effect on. There is a base of 20% which increases by 2% per level (Ranger or Druid Increases 4% per level)

Animal Lore : - Animal lore allows the character to follow the natural ways of wildlife. understanding more the habits, eating styles, needs and instincts of the creatures than anything else. This skill represents the natural wildlife and domesticated animals, not monsters or creatures such as wyverns, centaurs, chimera, etc. There is a base of 25% which increases by 2% per level (Ranger or Druid Increases 4% per level).

Appraisal : - This is a handy skill to learn, as many an adventurer has been had by a jeweler or smith giving a false price. This skill allows the player to estimate the value of an item, gem, etc to within 25gp of it's value, either high or low on a successful check. This skill starts with a base of 20% and increased by 2% per level (Rogue 5% per level).

Artifact Lore : - The skill of deciphering where an artifact came from, and what its uses are, as well as knowledge of the arcane. This skill starts with a base of 15% and increases by 3% per level.

Boating : - This skill enables the player to understand the workings of small and large sea vessels, as well as those used to access small rivers and streams. This skill also gives the character knowledge in doing small repairs to such a vessel, such as repairing sails, patching holes and shaving the masts. In addition, with adequate time and materials invested, A skilled character may construct sea worthy vessels. This skill starts with a base of 20% and increase by 3% per level (% used only for doing repairs / Construction , otherwise the character is proficient in handling a vessel at sea)
*Small Boats, Canoes, Rafts are Constructible in 1 IRL Week
*Large Vessels require HC Approval (Frigates, Dreadnaughts, etc)

Charm : - The ability to 'charm' someone into doing your bidding is partially a natural one, based on the charisma of the individual doing the talking. One man with a calm, graceful face and soothing voice accented by piercing blue eyes has a better chance of 'charming' a noble, or talking him into something than an unabashed, unclean and slack jawed goblin. Charming a subject is more of a way of turning someone to your favor, rather than controlling their mind outright which cannot be achieved with this skill. A 'charmed' subject sees you as a mentor, a skilled fighter, a masterfully intelligent mage, etc depending on how you portray yourself and what you want them to perceive of you. This is an excellent way to get information out of a subject… by 'being their friend' so to speak. Base 20% chance to charm, increases by 3% per level. (Bard gets 5% per level)

Climbing : - A character skilled in climbing is able to scale small walls, trees, obstacles and the like easily without the use of tools and likewise understands advanced climbing and how to use such tools as a grappling hook, winch, harness and clawed gloves/spiked boots to make the job easier. Skill starts at a base of 20% and increases by 2% per level

Creature Lore : - An offshoot of the Animal Lore skill, this skill allows a player knowledge of the various creatures that inhabit Omen (those which would not be classified as animals), their weaknesses, eating habits, behavior (ethic), among other things. Base 25% and increases 2% per level. (Rangers and Druids get 4% per level)

Danger Sense : - Some people are born with a 'gut feeling' ability that some things just aren't right. A character with this skill can focus on that feeling to find out if their gut feeling is justified. 20% base, increases by 3% per level

Detect Trap : - This skill allows the player to make an attempt to check a device, door, window, chest, etc for traps laid on them. This skill does NOT reveal traps of a magical nature, only mechanical. This skill starts at a base of 15% and increases by 2% per level for all classes. (Rogues get 20% base and 4% per level)

Diplomacy : - A character skilled in diplomacy understands the working of the councils, courts and the ways of the noble. They know and understand the etiquette that must be used in the presence of such nobles, giving the character or the entire group a chance not to come off as complete ruffians should they seek audience with a higher authority. Likewise, a character could even use this skill to bluff, disguising himself as a noble him/herself. This skills gives the character a +3 CHA check when dealing with those of an 'upper class' sort, or noble figures in society.

Disguise : - A character with this skill is trained in using supplies to alter their features and clothing to look like someone they are not. When using this skill, they may make themselves or someone else look like a common person of another race/species, so long as they are within the same general weight/height limits for their intended target. When the disguised individual interacts with someone, the person receives a chance to see something wrong with the disguise. This is an intelligence check, minus half the level of the person who created the disguise. If the disguised individual is forced to speak with another person, they must make a Charisma Check to make it sound convincing. If a disguised person has the 'Acting' Skill, they may use that percentage instead of their Charisma score if they wish. This skill base 20% and increases at 2% per level. (Assassins get 4% per level)

Endurance : - A character with endurance proficiency is able to perform continual strenuous physical activity for twice as long as a normal character before becoming subject to the effects of fatigue and exhaustion. (Adds a +2 to Constitution checks regarding physical fatigue)

Forensics : - Allows a person to be able to tell how a person died, physically, divinely (prayers), or arcanely (magic). If the death was physical, they can tell which weapon did it, if it was divine they can tell which prayer did it (host discretion), and if arcanely they can determine which spell did it (host discretion). They can also tell how long ago they died. Base at 25% and increases 3% per level.

Forgery : - A taboo technique used by a character to submit false documents for personal gain either by recreating a document in their favor, mocking a persons handwriting or even the signature of a specific person. This is not a skill that easily acquired and there are quite a few rogues that would tell you consequences of being caught forging royal, court or military documents… had their heads not been removed. Starts with a base of 15% with a 2% per level increase. (Rogue's get a +4% per level)

Gather Information : - Through the use of this ability, a character can gain information about a specific person, place, or thing. Should the character spend enough time speaking with locals they can learn of major issues in the city or town they are in, perhaps even issues relating to the country. With a successful check, information can be gleaned. The player starts with a base chance of 20%, which increases by 2% per level. A character attempting to gather information in this manner without this skill will have to be more talkative, asking a lot more questions to get the desired information. (Assassin gets 4% per level)

Healing : - A character with this skill has very basic knowledge in the arts of healing. With the use of simple things around them they have the chance to stop bleeding, administer minor aid and attempt to restore a minor amount of health to a subject. Knowing how to apply a splint, properly bandaging a wound to stop bleeding, calming a fever or subduing a simple disease are all things that healing can aid in.

A character making a healing check must roll their %, if successful they can either stabilize a person with -hp's up to 0 hp(though they remain unconscious until they heal further) or can bandage a wound for +1d8 hp's. If continued healing is done, and the player focuses on the wounded for further rounds, then the injured target receives +1 hp's per round (or 1 hp per hour if not in combat) This skill has no bearing on poisons. Likewise note that if a player falls below -14 HP's they are considered dead. (refer to the section of the players handbook on health). If the skill check fails, then the player is unable to administer healing for that round.

A character skilled in healing begins with a base of 25%, and increases by 2% per level to a max of 70%. (Clerics get 30% base and 3% per level with a 75% Max)

Jumping : - This skill allows a character to make exception skilled leaps where others would fail desperately. They have trained hard to add speed and strength in their legs just for the purpose of jumping. A character with this skill may make longer leaps both vertically and horizontally. With a running start of at least 30ft a character can jump in a horizontal manner 3d4 plus his dexterity in feet. A character making a vertical jump can leap straight up from a crouched position at roughly 2 times his height. The number of feet vertically is equal to the distance from the ground to the shoulders of the character at the highest point in the jump. Example: Grog is 6'1", he leaps from a crouched position to gain full force from his legs. With this skill he is able to jump 2 times his height vertically, that being 12'2". At the highest point in the jump, his shoulders are at 12'2", not his feet. as stated above, the number of feet vertically is equal to the distance from the ground to the shoulders of the character at the highest point in the jump. (Fighters gain 5 additional feet)

Lock Picking : - This skill allows the player to attempt to open a lock on a chest, door, window, etc without the use of the key made for said lock. Base of 15% with 2% per level. (Rogues get 20% base and 4% per level)

Musical Knowledge : - The character is gifted with the ability to play a number of musical instruments as well as reading musical sheets. They inspire crowds to laugh, cry or sit in awe as they weave chorus after chorus of beautiful music. If a player does not have this skill and tries to play an instrument the results are less than favorable. This skill starts with a base of 25% and increases by 2% per level. (Bard gets 4% per level)

Poison Resistance : With dedicated study, training, and a regimen of building up immunity to various toxins, you have learned to resist poisons. You may use your rating in this skill as soak against poison damage, or use it as a resistance to non-damaging poisons, like fae drought and Mendicant’s Bane. Note that, without this skill, racial and Constitution bonuses to Poison Resistance may only be used as soak, not to resist non-damage poisons. 15% base and +2% / level, to a maximum of 70%. (Assassins get +3% / level.)

Remove Trap : - Using this skill, the player attempts to remove a discovered trap. Players can only use this skill on a trap they have discovered and are aware of. this skill has no effect on magical traps. If a player attempts to physically disarm a magical trap with this skill they automatically fail and trip it. Base is 15% and 2% per level. (Rogues get 20% base and 4% per level)

Rope Use : - This proficiency enables a character to handle rope easily, understanding the best knots for the situation they are in, be it a trick display, subduing a prisoner, creating well made knots strong enough for a grapple, etc. Likewise, a character that is themselves subdued can use their skill % to attempt to escape from the bonds. This situation varies depending on how the character is tied up. Hosts call. Skill starts with a base of 35% and increases by 3% every level.

Sense Motive : - This skill allows the player to somewhat tell from a characters facial expressions, mannerisms, tone of voice and other visuals how the person is planning to act and what their plans may be.,. good or deceitful. 15% chance base, increases by 2% per level.

Skulking : - This skill allows the player to make an attempt to hide in whatever cover is available. I.E. Shadows, tall grass, objects of cover such as trees, etc. Through practice and determination, the player is also adept at moving silently within these conditions, effectively disappearing. This skill starts at a base of 15% and increases by 2% per level for all classes. (Rogues and Assassins get 20% Base and 4% per level)

Story Telling : - The ability of a character hold an audience captivated while weaving tales and stories. Not only is this a great way for some to earn a living but can also make a great diversionary tactic should a member of your group be brave enough to step forward and distract those in attendance while you make your escape. The base is 25% when learned and increases by 3% per level. (Bards get 30% base and 4% per level)

Tracking : - This skill gives the character the ability to track a creature or humanoid by scent, trail or through various clues left behind such as minor broken grass here or there. Base is 25% with 2% per level (Rangers get base 25% and 3% per level)

Ventriloquism : - This skill allows a character to project his voice in a specific direction and bounce it off an object, making it appear as though the object or creature itself is speaking. This requires no skill check, however the character must be within speaking distance of the object (not necessarily visible) and must have the ability to speak of course. The creature/person witnessing the act is allowed an INT check depending on the INT of the creature/person. Some with a low enough Int can be instantly fooled.

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