Alchemy Rules

Alchemical potions are made out of three different components that together, for a singular whole. Without all three together in harmony, there is no magic, and thus - No potion. These three bases are:

The Base: Holds the whole potion in suspension. This Base is always one of three different suspensions.

The Catalyst: The second ingredient of the potion is the catalyst. This is the part of the potion that creates the sympathetic bond between the potion and a part of somethings spirit, or pyrefly. In this , raw magic is extracted from the Catalyst to fuel the alchemic reactions. These catalysts are found in Aetherial, Animal and Humanoid sources.

The Essence: The third ingredient is the Essence.This is often a plant gathered from the land of Omen, grounding the potion in the land and pulling from the very environment some of the magic that is imbibed in it. When all of these three ingredients are brought together there is a harmonious union and a potion is formed.

Example of a potion and how it would be structured, the recipe that would be followed to create the Potion of Major Healing which is a Master Level potion.

Base: Alcohol
Catalyst: Aetherial
Essence: Dolor

So the Base of the potion could be a bottle of distilled whiskey, the Aetherial catalyst could be the essence of a wraith gathered on a quest. The Essence is Dolor so from the list of Flora on the page you could use Bloodflower found in Zorostelona.

The Bases
Three bases that are used to suspend the other ingredients are


-Animal Fat

-Holy or Unholy Water

The Catalysts
Includes Ghosts, Wraiths, Spectres, Ghasts
Darkspawn / Lightspawn , Undead Creatures

More common items harvested from common animals Bears / Wolves / Snakes

With the Exotic or Unique Catalysts harvested from creatures that are one of a kind, monsters in events such as Dragons or

Humanoid :

Harvest from All Playable Living Races in the form of

There are three different kinds of Essences, those that are common, uncommon, and rare. These Essences are known by the names:

Ardent: Common
Dolor: Uncommon
Roccia: Rare

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