She sits, dirk in hand, watching her victim, the gold for the job secured away in her hideaway. She follows him, silently, watching his every move, knowing his routines by heart. She retraces in her mind the poison in the dirk she is using, the spot where she can do the job in concealment. Then, the man reaches the spot, she strikes with deadly accuracy, he stiffens, her hand over his mouth as she shoves in fully the poisoned blade, which takes effect quickly,. he falls, stone-dead. She leaves the dirk in him, and tosses a red scarf down onto the dead body, as instructed by her employer, then flits off into the shadows, thinking of her next job. A truly dangerous foe, the one who watches and moves silently, and dispatches discreetly, then disappears. The silent killer. The assassin.

Alignment And Racial Restrictions:
All alignments can be assassins, but Good or Lawful assassins may only use their skills against evil beings.

Cannot be Reptos or Sharpwings.

Profession Requirements:
Minimum of 17 Dexterity

Minimum of 16 Intelligence

Minimum of 17 Strength

Behavior Toward Others:
They will not show their true nature in public, nor to anyone, therefore, can get along with all races and classes.

Class Abilities & Bonuses:

The assassin’s greatest gift in combat is the backstab, a sneak attack at a target’s vital areas.

In order to perform the backstab, the assassin must pass a Skulking check in order to remain hidden from the target long enough to find an opening to strike in. If the target is already aware of the assassin, then they cannot make a Skulking check, and must instead make an attack roll as a feint. This feint deals no damage, but instead opens the target’s defenses for a backstab attempt. The backstab must be attempted by the end of the assassin’s next turn, or the opportunity is lost. Feints deal no damage, and can be evaded normally.

Once the Skulking check or feint succeeds, the assassin’s next attack on the target is an attempted backstab. Should the backstab hit, it cannot be attempted again for the remainder of the event, regardless of whether a new encounter begins or not. A missed backstab does not expend a use of the ability, and the assassin may try again on her next turn. The target will, of course, be aware of her if she misses.

In the case of an assassin with Dual Strike skill, either or both of their attacks can be a feint, and the next attack taken, either on the same turn or the next turn, will resolve as a backstab, should the feint succeed. Performing two successful feints in a row has no benefit over the first. Should the assassin roll the backstab as her first attack, she can still Dual Strike in that turn.

A successful backstab cannot be evaded, and deals extra damage based on the following table:
Backstab Modifiers
Level Modifier
1-5: +6
6-10: +12
11-15: +18
16-20: +24
21-25: +30
26-30: +36

Any weapon used in a backstab cannot deal more than d8 base damage. If a larger weapon is used, the attack is not treated as a backstab and can be evaded normally.

Assassins are immune to backstab attempts by characters of a lower level than they are. Their knowledge of dirty tricks keeps them from falling for their own ruses.
Due to handling poisons, they gain a +1 to Constitution checks versus poison.

Assassination Rules:
Getting an assassination assigned is as simple as selecting one from the list of contracts that are open. From an IC perspective the contract is delivered to the assassin in any number of covert ways and they are given a name and a location as well as what type of an assassination it is intended to be. The assassination can be anywhere in Omen though most likely it will be in the city that the agent is from or can easily access by Pyre Transport.

Once the name has been given to the assassin the work of the task begins, the difficulty and the price are connected, more difficult assignments with a higher chance of arrest or discovery have a higher payout but the assassin won’t know the difficulty of their target until they do some investigation. Gather Information rolls can be made to learn any number of aspects of the target’s life, schedule, or pertinent details. If an assassin is particularly conscientious in their contracts they may want to determine who or why the contract has been placed. There is a chance here for duplicity, it is possible that turning the contract around and assassinating the one that originally asked for it could be achieved though there are additional risks for assassin

Once the assassin at the very least has gathered information on the physical features of the mark, and on the daily habits they are able to make an assassination attempt. Assassination attempts are GM hosted in the #Omen-quests channel and at that time the GM will set the scene for the assassination based off where the assassin feels the best approach would be made.

Once the assassination is complete and successful, the guild will pay out the appropriate reward, unsuccessful assassinations or ones that don’t comply with the type of assassination intended will be a lower payout or may not pay out at all depending on how it was bungled.

Class Flaws:
Armour Restriction: Studded Leather and Lower, No Shields

Starting Skills:
Detect Traps 15%, Hiding 20%, Move Silent 20%, Poisons, Set Snares 25%

Hiding and Move Silent will go up +3% per level

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