Coming from the hunter lands, dressed in the hide of a bear, the barbarian is an imposing figure indeed. His great axe strapped to his back and the savage look about him makes him a truly imposing sight. But behind the crude looks is a cunning that most civilized people ignore. Tribal by nature, the barbarian does not fit well in civilized social settings, preferring the open steppe or the wilderness. Barbarians are decent enough companions to have in a party, but woe to those that stand opposed to them.

Alignment And Racial Restrictions:
Any Alignment

Profession Requirements :
Minimum of 18 Strength

Minimum of 18 Constitution

Cannot be bedouins, fi'rahli, or lontra.

Required Combat Skill: Savage Combat

Barbarians may or may not choose to worship a deity.

Behavior Toward Others:
Barbarians get along best with fighters and rangers, and are mesmerized by clerics. They distrust mages completely and are neutral toward thieves, that is until one steals from them.

Class Abilities & Bonuses:
Barbarians receive a -1 bonus to their initiative roll.

Barbarians, being of the wild, have a greater understanding of the woodland creatures and have an additional +3% on rolls involving Forest Lore.

Barbarians are able to rage, to go into a frenzy, allowing them a +5% to hit and evade doing an additional +3 to damage. It takes one full combat round to begin the rage.

Barbarians, unarmored and no matter the race, have a base 10% soak (except for Half-Ogre barbarians, who have a base 15%). Any armor placed over this is cumulative.

Class Flaws:
Barbarians suffer a -1 to all intelligence rolls, seeing as how they were raised in the wild.

Barbarians may never wear anything but hide or leather armor, or they lose their advantages.

Starting Skills:
Endurance (+2 to con checks), Foraging 20%, Geography , Intimidation, Riding (land)

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