Fabric Rules
Fabric prices can be found here for Tailors as well as for armour crafters that are wishing to get their armour backed by fabric available. It can add additional bonuses to the armour and make it better by being lined, additionally the fabri can be formed into other items such as cloaks or normal clothing. Fabrics that are listed as no price available are only available to be gained during the course of an event or looted, they are not available for purchase due to their extreme rarity.

If an armour crafter wishes to find a tailor to help them back their armour in fabric they will either need to find a tailor in the form of a PC or they will be able to purchase the services of an NPC tailor at 25GP for 1 day's work.

Homespun - 5GP per bolt
is what all items off the Weapons and Armor list are made of, by default. Homespun simply refers to woven materials made at home, by a standard tailor or anyone with loom skills. Typically made of whatever material is deemed available at the time, it can be an eclectic mix of fabric types. -No Bonuses.

Wool - 20GP per bolt
The natural material provided by sheep or the equivalent of, a sturdy enough fabric that is used in the manufacture of many kind of clothing as well as armour. Armour made from wool is reinforced by a particular crosshatched stitching to give it more resistance to cold and the elements, but not from blades or arrows. +10% cold resistance (+2% on small items)

Cotton - 35GP per bolt
Soft and fluffy fabric that is made of fiber created from cotton plants, the cloth takes more to produce but the completed fabric is absorbent, warm and useful for the liners of leather goods or garments made out of rough materials. Cotton armour applies its full soak to falling damage.

Standard Silk- 75GP per bolt
Silk is more costly because of the hardship of finding and producing it, the fabric begins as the silk obtained from cocoons of silkworms and gathered until an adequate amount is present to be tooled and then woven into bolts of the fabric. Some areas of Kyoto have produced silks that are created out of other insects such as crickets and certain beetles but the product remains the same. +5% fire resistance (+1% for small items).

Dryder Silk- 300GP per bolt
In the forests of Romalast, in certain areas there are spiders on a massive scale, these massive arachnids are the only source of Dryder silk and their webs are harvested by the elves as a part of their sacred duties. It is a mark of strength and dexterity to be able to harvest a dryder web and thus the silk is costly. This fabric bears all the hallmarks of common silk but with greater defense when used as armour. Fire resistant as silk.

Shaed - No Sale Price
This fabric is incredibly rare, and only a few pieces of it have ever been known to be possessed by mortal hands. Fabricated by the Fae, it’s woven of literal Moonlight. How does one harvest Moonlight? You’d have to ask a Fae Matriarch, and the knowledge of such a practice would lead to ones inevitable demise, as the Fae guard this secret with their tiny little lives. The fabric is nearly invisible in Moonlight - thus it is preferred by those of a typically unsavoury profession.

One must take great care of a Shaed Garment, as it’s been known to possess a pyrefly, thus - The Shaed is a living creature. Capable of self healing itself in Moonlight, damage done the Shaed takes 7 days to fully repair. The Bonuses provided by Shade (With exception of the armor bonus) are rendered completely inert in the sunlight. +5% to Hide skill in moonlight (+1% for small items)

Lumin - No Sale Price
Even rarer than Shaed, Lumin fabric glows with an inner light and radiance of its own. Unlike Shaed, Lumin fabric never possesses a pyrefly; this radiance attests to its origin, for Lumin fabric is spun from pure sunlight itself. The Sharpwings jealously guard the secret of this fabric’s creation, and their priestesses garb themselves in literal sunlight for their rituals. Lumin’s brilliance flares when exposed to dark rituals and hexes. The first time during each event that the wearer would be affected by a dark spell or hex, a large item made of Lumin fabric absorbs the spell instead, totally nullifying it, while a small item of Lumin fabric permits the wearer to reroll their spell resistance. Of course, Lumin fabric cannot be simply purchased.

Annecilium Chords - No Sale Price
This oddly iridescent fabric seems to shimmer and shift as one looks at it. This shifting is a hint to its true nature: annecilium cords are solidified fragments of time itself, and the techniques to create them, let alone weave them into armor, are solidly lost to the ages. Annecilium clothing resists alterations to the timeline of its wearer, manifesting in regeneration.

So long as the garment is worn, the wearer regenerates 1 hit point every round (1 hit point every 5 rounds for small items), as the cords rewind and undo the damage done to the wearer and their armour. Naturally, the cords will also unwind any damage done to themselves, regenerating any damage to the item in the span of 24 hours. Despite the regenerative nature of the cords, they remain lost to the ages, their wearers succumbing to various and sundry calamities as the items attempt to rewind themselves back to their points of origin. Needless to say, one does not simply buy Annecilium cords.

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