As much of an aberration as Sharpwings, Darken Drow are elves that are born to Drow elves and where Sharpwings are revered among their race, Darken Drow have not always been accepted. Though times are changing this variation of the race has been reviled for their leathery bat-like wings.

Young: 50 Years
Adult: 200 Years
Middle Age: 300 Years
Old: 400 Years
Venerable: 500 Years (Some rare cases 900 Years)

Known Language: Drow, Darken Drow


As in the lands above, there are sometimes aberrations and children that are born different among the elvish races. In the case of the surface elves, these are most often Sharpwings, elves with glorious wings, revered among their people as a sign from the gods, they are cherished as all other children.

However, in the cruel lands of the Underdark, such children are not so lucky. Untold time underground has caused the drow to evolve, adapting to the darkness of the world around them. Pigmentation changes, alteration of the way their eyes work, and the nature of their magic are not the only things to have changed.

These drow, known as the Darken among the cities they inhabit, were for a long time ridiculed and seen as pariahs. However, with the increasing hostility from the surface lands and the unrest within their own cities, this genetic mutation is viewed as an advantage that can be used to ensure the survival of the drow species, in one fashion or another.

Rarely, children are born in the darkness that have a fragment of the genes that cause the Sharpwings in the surface world, however, such wings would prove to be nothing but a hindrance in the caverns of the subterranean lands they inhabit. To compensate for this, the wings of these elves are not the majestic, splendid specimens as those seen above. Leathery and covered in a thin layer of fine hairs, the wings of these drow resemble those of bats. Protruding from the back as with the Sharpwing, the thin membranes rely on thermal drafts and subtle currents to aid their user in flight.

The facial features of the Darken are almost identical to those of the common Drow, with the exception that the bone structure of the Darken is more angled, almost feral when compared to the Drow they came from. The majority of the Darken born are males, who are trained in the arts of magic, often serving as sorcerers to the houses that raise them. The rare female Darken is almost always brought into the clergy, trained to serve their cruel goddess, they are a terrible enemy to confront, as ruthless as their common kin, but with a cunning beyond that of the normal drow.

The Darken are the same size as the drow, standing between 5'6" and 5'9" for the males and 5'3" and 5'11" for the females, their wingspan is roughly twice their height. Lighter in weight, due to the structure of their bones, the average Darken weighs between 90 and 110 pounds for a male and 100 and 120 pounds for females.

The eyes of the Darken are particularly acute, allowing them to see with half of the light required for other drow. While this allows them to conduct their raids on the surface when the moon is almost invisible, it also serves to leave them open to light based attacks.

• Male: +2 to Intelligence
• Female: +2 to Wisdom
• Male: +1 to Dexterity
• Female: +1 to Dexterity
• The Darken, due to the land they inhabit, skin color, and natural instincts, have preternatural skill in skulking about without being seen, granting them the Skulking skill at character creation. If the Darken would gain Skulking from their class, they gain a permanent +5% bonus to the skill.
• The Darken have Darkvision, with a range of 150 Feet. This ability only becomes active when the Darken is otherwise unable to see, due to a lack of light.
• A Darken’s wings may carry them aloft into the air, enabling shockingly fast speed in short bursts. While flying, the Darken moves at a rate of 100 feet per round, but ambling about in the air is tiring. On the third round of flight, the Darken must pass a Constitution +2 check or land as fatigue overtakes them. Each consecutive round of flight after the third forces the Darken to repeat this check, with a cumulative -1 penalty. Once a Darken lands, they must refrain from flight to rest their wings for a number of rounds equal to the time that they spent flying. While airborne, the Darken suffers a -10% penalty to hit, evade, and concentration, due to distraction and the effort required to remain aloft.
• Due to the connection the Darken share with the divine, regardless of the fact that they have been corrupted by life underground, the Darken receive a +1% bonus to their Magic Resistance score, for every level they achieve.

• Because of the energy that flows through their bodies, the Darken suffer double damage from Holy attacks. This does not mean prayers from a Good Aligned character, but instead, the prayers that are listed as dealing holy damage, are named as such, and the Holy Blessing often placed on weapons.
• Due to the composition of their bones and the way their bodies are built, Darken suffer a -2 penalty to their Constitution Scores.
• Viewed as outcasts by the majority of their own people, as well as monsters by those from the surface, the Darken receive a -2 penalty to their Charisma score.
• Bright light may blind a Darken. When exposed to a sudden flare of light any stronger than a torch, a Darken suffers the chance of being blinded. An Intelligence check, with a penalty (Ranging from -2 to -10, depending on the intensity of the light) must be made, failure resulting in the Darken being unable to attack or fly for d3 rounds. Even the Blindfighting skill will not remove this penalty for the Darken, as the light causes intense pain.
• Fighting in any sort of direct light causes a Darken some measure of discomfort. Due to this, Darken suffer a -10% to Hit and Evade when fighting in any light stronger than candlelight.
• Because of the way their muscles work, a Darken is unable to wear any armor heavier than leather. Certain enchanted chain mail can be worn, however, it is rare and must be custom crafted for the Darken that would wear it.

• Because of the way drow look at the world around them and the way the world looks back at drow, very few of these elves ever manage to escape from their circle of violence. However, in rare situations, there have been drow that have established their own settlements nearer to the surface, casting away the evil intentions of their kind. Despite this, there is just something in the drow that prevents them from entirely accepting a life of 'good'. Drow may be of any non-good alignment. This means they may be: Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Lawful Neutral, Neutral Evil, or True Neutral.
• Drow are not accepted in the surface world, often being hunted, killed, or denied assistance simply because of the acts their race have done to the surface population. Be warned when making a drow, you will have many enemies and few allies in the world above ground.
• Cannot be rangers.

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