Drow are a race of elves that splintered off from the current surface dwelling elves over a difference in beliefs. After a civil war the Drow sought refuge beneath the earth.

Young: 50 Years
Adult: 200 Years
Middle Age: 300 Years
Old: 400 Years
Venerable: 500 years (some rare cases 900 years)

Known Language: Drow

The Drow were once normal elves, though countless ages ago, a great civil war swept through the lands of the elves. Caused by the conflict between Matriarchal beliefs of what would become the drow and the Patriarchal ruling system that is still practiced by most of the surface elves to this day. This civil war lasted for decades and nearly decimated the slow growing race of the elves.

In the end, the elves that would become the drow were forced to retreat. Finding no other options open to them, the losers of the conflict fled to the lands beneath the surface world. At first, life was harsh, and it seemed that the elves would fail to survive, and indeed, many fledgling cities fell in those first centuries, preyed upon by the other inhabitants of their new land and the surface elves, which still desired to exterminate them.

A female drow, a Chronomancer with the family name of Shadebinder, a forceful woman with considerable amounts of power, rallied the disheartened drow, leading them through this time of turmoil, helping to settle and construct the first of the drow cities. In this place, the drow have made the Heart of their underground empire. Smaller cities have spread through the caverns and tunnels, but they all answer to the first home of the drow.

The drow have adapted to their new home beneath the earth, many having forgotten about the actual details of the war against the surface elves, though their hatred for those that live in the light rarely falters. Driven by this desire to wipe out the life that inhabits the lands above, the drow society has evolved into a cruel mockery of the grandeur of their former elven heritage. Where intelligence and nobility are cherished on the surface, cunning and the desire to advance at any cost are what guides the future of the drow.

Very few drow have managed to escape this culture of violence, even those that have been taken to the surface or raised outside of the walls of a drow city, show an aptitude for violence and destruction. The corruption of the drow, through the magical radiation of the underground, as well as the rumors of divine modification, is not entire, however, and there have been several reports of drow with less than evil intentions.

The appearance of the Drow is very similar to that of the surface elf, though the drow tend to be slightly taller and have a heavier body structure. The skin of the drow ranges from soft purple hues, to deep, shades of midnight blue, almost black. The hair of the drow is often white, with shades varying towards grey and yellow, even rarely, auburn and copper haired drow and born.

Male drow tend to stand between 5'5" and 5'9", with their weight between 120 to 145 pounds. Females are lighter, but tend to be slightly taller than the males. Regardless of their sex, drow tend to be quite nimble, with a sharp intelligence, derived from their cunning and desire to overcome all that stands in their path.

• Due to their quick with and the fact that stupid drow tend to die early, the drow race is receives a +1 bonus to their Intelligence score.
• Like their surface cousins, Drow are nimble and quick, their rather lithe forms allowing them to move and manipulate their bodies in ways that most humans could not. Drow receive a +1 bonus to their Dexterity score.
• Drow, due to their adaptation to the lands they call home, their skin coloration, and instincts that seem natural, have a superior ability to move and act without being seen, granting them the Skulking skill at character creation. If the drow would gain Skulking skill from their class, they gain a permanent +5% bonus to the skill.
• Drow have Darkvision, with a range of 150 Feet. This ability only becomes active when the Drow is otherwise unable to see, due to a lack of light.
• Due to the magical radiation that penetrates through the rock of the Underdark, the drow are constantly bombarded with miniscule amounts of magical energy. Because of this, the drow gain an innate resistance to magic. Drow receive a +1% to their Magic Resistance for every level they obtain.
• Even the common drow has a small spark of magical abilities in their blood. Drow, regardless of their class, are able to cast the the Level 2 Mage spell, 'Darkness', and the Level 2 Nature prayer, 'Faerie Fire', once per day. The drow’s concentration rate for these spells is 40%, or their natural concentration rate, whichever is higher.

• Because of their body structure and the harshness of their home, drow suffer a -1 penalty to their Constitution score.
• Due to their rather anti-social way of life, drow have a hard time dealing with anyone outside of their own circles. Even when dealing with the people they know, drow are often cruel and harsh. Because of this, drow suffer a -2 penalty to their Charisma score.
• Sudden exposure to bright lights may blind a drow. When exposed to any intense light, a drow must make an intelligence check, with a penalty (Ranging from -1 to -5, depending on the intensity of the light), must be made. Failure in this check means that the drow is stunned, unable to attack for d2 rounds. Drow with the Blindfighting skill may choose to use it and avoid suffering the rounds they would otherwise spend stunned.
• Exposure to any sort of direct light will cause a drow to become uncomfortable and to feel out of place. Because of this, drow suffer a -5% penalty to hit and evade when fighting in any light stronger than a torch.

• Because of the way drow look at the world around them and the way the world looks back at drow, very few of these elves ever manage to escape from their circle of violence. However, in rare situations, there have been drow that have established their own settlements nearer to the surface, casting away the evil intentions of their kind. Despite this, there is just something in the drow that prevents them from entirely accepting a life of 'good'. Drow may be of any non-good alignment. This means they may be: Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Lawful Neutral, Neutral Evil, or True Neutral.
• Drow are not accepted in the surface world, often being hunted, killed, or denied assistance simply because of the acts their race have done to the surface population. Be warned when making a drow, you will have many enemies and few allies in the world above ground.
• Cannot be rangers.

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