Like Rangers, Druids often live in woodlands or forest areas, but their focus is not so much protective as a spiritual reverence of these areas. Druids are a peaceful lot, and are not apt to attack or fight unless as a means of self-defense. They are a class all their own, comprised of qualities easily attributed to shamans, herbalists, healers, scholars, seers, and storytellers.

Druids have great strength of both mind and body. They are swimmers, hikers, and climbers, and are in excellent physical condition. Their peak physicality is also due to the reverence for their own body as a part of nature, which in turn, causes them to keep their bodies in prime form.

Focus for a druid is far removed from the outer struggle and conflict of man, but is instead aimed more at their natural and spiritual essence. Their knowledge and skill for healing and the divinatory arts, as well as their attunement with nature, makes them a powerful ally to anyone.

Alignment And Racial Restrictions
Chaotic Good, True Neutral, or Chaotic Neutral

Cannot be Dwarf, Mulden, Half-ogre, or Reptos.

Profession Requirements :
Minimum of 16 Wisdom

Minimum of 15 Constitution

Minimum of 17 Strength

Behavior Toward Others:

Class Abilities & Bonuses:
Druidic language

Scrying: The druid can make use of basic natural magic to view far-off locations. This has a 15% success rate at 1st level, increasing by 3% per level afterward. The druid must have a general idea of the area that they wish to scry, either a location or a condition, or the effect will automatically fail.

+3 per level (class specific skill - ability to look in water, or black stone to see one persons Actions or location).

Casts prayers at same prayer failure as a Cleric.

Gain these prayers upon reaching required level:
level 3: Lesser restoration prayer.
level 5: Polymorph self into small or medium non-dire animal once a day.
level 9: Poison immunity.
level 12: Polymorph into large or dire animal once a day.
level 16: Polymorph into an elemental once a day. (d10 elemental dmg)

At Level 4: (Note: This must be a supervised roll by a GM and the act of obtaining the familiar must be an IC roleplayed action)
Gain one Animal Familiar. The list shows what can be recieved on a 1d15 roll. Note: If the animal dies it cannot be ressurected and the druid loses the bonus for the animal.

At level 5, the druid receives a number of bonus spell levels, equal to their Wisdom minus 16. They may use these levels to purchase bonus spells, with each spell consuming its level in bonus levels. At level 10, the druid receives double this number of bonus spells to spend, triple at level 15, and so on.

Class Flaws:
Cannot have metal armor or non-wooden shields.

May only use spear, staff, sling, scimitar, sickle, or wood clubs. (no swords)

Starting Skills
Ancient Language (Druidic), Detect Water Source 30%, Healing 30%, Foraging 20%, Swimming

Druid Prayer Progression

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