Level 7 Nature Spells

Drought & Flood
Level: 7
Casting Time: 2 rounds
Duration: 2 hours
Range: 2 kilometers
Area of Effect: Any number of bodies of water within range
Magic Resist: N/A
Reaching out with the power of nature, the caster may choose to raise or lower the water level of all of the targets for the duration. If the caster chooses to bring a drought, they may lower the water level all the way down to nothing, turning lakes, reservoirs, and reserves to naught but dust and ash for the duration, or anywhere in between.

Choosing a flood allows the caster to raise the water’s quantity by up to 100%, likely causing catastrophic flooding in the surrounding vicinity. Any water brought into the area of effect after the prayer is cast is unaffected,as is any part of the target bodies of water that lies outside the range. Only free-standing water is affected; this prayer will not influence the liquids inside creatures’ bodies, nor will it affect beer or liquor.

Elemental Body
Level: 7
Casting Time:1 round
Duration: 10 minutes
Range: The caster
Area of Effect: The caster
Magic Resist: N/A
Invoking this prayer’s power causes the caster’s body to wholly transmute into a pure form of one element for the duration. While this spell is active, all of the caster’s clothing, armour, and equipment are drawn into their elemental form, rendering them inaccessible and impervious to harm for the duration. The caster may end this spell at a thought. When cast, one of the following forms are chosen:

-Fire. The caster’s blazing body is totally immune to all forms of heat, lava, or flames, both normal and magical. The caster’s physical soak rises to 50%, and their fists cause 2d6 fire damage on a successful melee strike. Cold and water effects and spells deal double damage, and simply being in a room below the freezing point deals 1d4 damage each round (not doubled) from the numbing temperature difference.

-Earth. The caster’s form is solid granite, granting them superior resistance to harm. The caster’s physical soak rises to 75%, and their rock-hard fists deal 2d10 bludgeoning damage on a successful melee strike. Any non-wolfram weapons used on them have a 5% chance to become dulled, cracked, or otherwise worthless until repaired with each strike. The caster’s weight increases fivefold, and the added density makes swimming, or even floating, utterly impossible. Movement becomes ponderous and difficult, imposing a -5 penalty to all Dexterity checks while the form is active.

-Air. The caster’s ethereally graceful form grants movement in all directions, with no penalties for traveling vertically. The caster’s insubstantial body is totally immune from physical harm, with weapons and boulders sailing straight through without causing any injury whatsoever. Likewise, the caster is unable to cause any physical harm to any other being for the duration, as their airy form goes straight through or disperses harmlessly upon attempting contact. Additionally, all spells’ casting times are increased by 1 round in this form, as it is difficult to make the necessary gestures when your arms are constantly flicking off bits of themselves and grabbing new air from the space around them.

-Water. The caster’s body gains a fluid grace, granting them an additional 10% evade. The caster’s physical soak becomes 40% as attacks struggle to displace their watery body. All damage dealt by water sources is ignored, but fire and cold damage are both increased by 50%. The caster’s physical attacks deal 1d5 bludgeoning damage, 1d5 water damage, and also fling the target back 10 feet. The caster does not need to breathe for the duration, making drowning and suffocation impossible.

Path of Radiance
Level: 7
Casting Time: 4 rounds
Duration: 5 minutes
Range: 25 kilometers
Area of Effect: A span of glittering moonlight, 10 ft. wide
Magic Resist: N/A
By calling down moonlight, the caster forms a shining, ethereal bridge, with one end anchored next to them and the other end anywhere within range. The bridge’s bright glow obscures vision, and any attempt to see more than 10 feet up or down it is utterly futile. When a creature walks along the bridge, they are shunted into the moonlight realm, traveling to the other side.

This process takes 1 minute, and the creatures are totally immune to outside harm while they are traveling in the moonlight realm. Inside the realm, however, combat can break out and takes place normally, keeping in mind that any creature that is further than 10 feet away is effectively invisible. Should a creature be in the moonlight realm when the duration ends, they will be shunted to whichever endpoint they are closer to. A creature that is dead center on the bridge will be kicked back to whichever endpoint they came from.

Rolling Thunder
Level: 7
Casting Time: 2 rounds
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: 60 ft.
Area of Effect: A 30 ft. radius sphere, centered on a point within range
Magic Resist: Soak
By raising their voice to the sky, the caster calls down a massive bolt of lightning on the centerpoint of the area of effect, inflicting 8d7 lightning damage to any creature unfortunate enough to be standing there. The main target is also knocked down by the sheer force of the blast. The lightning’s thunderclap ripples out to strike all other creatures in the area of effect, dealing half damage and pushing them back 30 feet from the point of impact.

Seven-League Stride
Level: 7
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: 7 leagues (21 miles)
Area of Effect: The caster & up to 1 held creature
Magic Resist: Evade (Helpful)
By stepping into a tree or other form of vegetation at least two feet tall, the caster attempts to reappear anywhere within range, stepping out of another tree or form of vegetation at that point. If there is no vegetation at the target point, the caster will step out of the nearest piece of vegetation to that point.

The caster cannot see their destination until they commit to the movement, so attempting to blindly stride somewhere may very well end up with them walking straight out of a tree hanging off of the edge of a cliff. The caster may bring one other creature with them by holding onto their hand or arm, and the target need not be willing, but it may make a magic resist check to avoid being taken. If the check succeeds, the caster still makes the trip without them.

Strength of Earth
Level: 7
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: 8 rounds
Range: Touch
Area of Effect: One creature
Magic Resist: Evade (Helpful)
The touched target is invested with the power and indomitability of the earth, granting them an additional +5 damage with each melee strike that they make and increasing their soak by 20%. The target also receives an additional 30 HP, and all damage taken is deducted from this bonus HP first. Once the bonus HP are totally depleted, the target takes damage normally. Unfortunately, stone and earth are not the most nimble things in the world. While this spell is active, the target receives -15% to evade and their movement rate is reduced by 25%.

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