Level 9 Nature Spells

Chariot of Brambles
Level: 9
Casting Time: 3 rounds
Duration: 6 hours
Range: 10 ft.
Area of Effect: A grand chariot, summoned within range
Magic Resist: N/A
The caster springs a great chariot into being, made of gnarled wood and lashing vines. Up to 8 creatures, including the caster, may board the chariot and ride it as it is pulled by the wind and the earth at a speed of 150 KPH.

The chariot is sensitive to its caster’s will, and any creature that touches it without being a welcome passenger suffers 7d7 piercing damage as thorns and brambles sprout to puncture the creature. The caster may direct the chariot into enemies in a ramming attack to inflict this damage, striking up to two targets per round at his normal melee attack percentage. This ramming attack may be evaded, but at -15%.

Create Weather
Level: 9
Casting Time: 4 rounds
Duration: 3 hours
Range: 2 kilometers
Area of Effect: The entire range
Magic Resist: N/A
This prayer functions as the lesser Control Weather, except that the caster may create any weather pattern that they wish, regardless of whether it would be appropriate for the environment or not. Snow may be summoned in the desert, or a beating hot sun during winter, or driving rain in the middle of a drought.

Metal to Wood
Level: 9
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: Permanent
Range: 30 ft.
Area of Effect: Up to 3 metal objects within range
Magic Resist: Evade
The caster calls upon nature’s wrath to transform the targeted objects into simple oak. Any held or worn objects receive a magic resist check from their owners to avoid this fate, while freestanding metal objects receive no resistance at all. This magic is permanent until dispelled. Swords, axes, etc. that have been transformed into wood are treated as clubs instead of their normal weapon type, and wooden armor’s soak is reduced by ⅕ of the base template instead of receiving any metal bonuses.

Level: 9
Casting Time: 10 rounds
Duration: Permanent
Range: 40 ft.
Area of Effect: Up to 5 dead bodies within range
Magic Resist: Evade
By invoking life’s call, the caster may cause the cycle of life to speed up, changing death into new life. The dead bodies are transformed into randomly-determined natural animals, appropriate for the region, who hop off and begin their lives anew. Any character with Animal Kinship may attempt to befriend the newly-generated animal immediately, potentially making a new ally.

The dead creature may roll a spell resist check, at -10%, to prevent their body from being transformed, if they wish. Most sentient beings will attempt to resist this spell, as being transformed into an animal destroys the body and renders the target unable to be resurrected in any way.

Storm of the Century
Level: 9
Casting Time: 2 rounds
Duration: 2 rounds
Range: 60 ft.
Area of Effect: Up to 5 creatures within range
Magic Resist: Soak
Raising their hands to the sky, the caster calls down a flurry of thunderbolts and lightning. This very, very frightening effect permits the caster to strike with 5 thunderbolts for each round of the duration, inflicting 1d6 points of lightning damage with each bolt. Each bolt receives the caster’s full spell damage bonus. Each struck creature is also seared with .605 gigawatts of raw electric power, causing them to drop any held objects and reducing movement rates by 10 feet for the following round.

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