Duergar are another race of Dwarves, looking, dressing and at times, acting quite similar to their Mountain and Hill cousins, with one exception. Their cousins serve a good and at times noble purpose, these are evil, the malevolent and dark side of Dwarven culture that their cousins would love to eradicate from existence.

Young: 30 Years
Adult: 100 Years
Middle Age: 150 Years
Old: 200 Years
Venerable: 250 Years

Known Language: Duergar

Not much is known about when or why Duergar came into existence, but this is known. Apparently, a group of dwarves who wished their clan leader, Duergar Hammerfall, to become Overthane failed in an attempt to seize power by force, approximately 3000 years ago (though some argue it was as early as 5000 years or as recent as 1000 years, those dwarves that know are not talking about it, the shame apparently still lingering to this day), and were banished from dwarven society, much worse than execution, according to dwarves as a whole. These exiled went into the deep parts of the mountain, where again rumors only are known. No time was given, but some guess between 400-500 years passed, and the clans led by Duergar had grown in size, now calling themselves, Duergar, after their first Dark Overthane.

Common surnames among Duergar are Bloodaxe, Bonebreak, Hammerfall, Kinkiller, and Thanesender, just to name a few that are known

Currently, Duergar are rumored to be all over Omen, applying their trades to those with evil intent and the money to pay them. The wise know that where Duergar are spotted, most likely Drow are around as well.

Duergar do not get along well with other races, unless they are aligned to a similar cause. They best relate to the Drow, as Drow were also outcast from their society. They will follow an especially evil leader, but if he makes a misstep, they will also rend them to shreds. They have a special hatred for their good cousins, and will attack them at any given opportunity when open war is called by the Overthane, or even if they just see an opportunity to deplete their good cousins population.

Duergar are about the same height as a Mountain Dwarf, ( 4'-4'6") but a little more broad and compact (220-275 lbs), due to the fact they do live deeper in the mountains than their Mountain and Hill cousins. Duergar can be identified easily by their grayish skin tone, though hair and eye color generally match their cousins, as does their manner of dress, down to plaiting their beards. Also, it is to note that Duergar do exhibit similar dour attitudes, but when offended, they can and oft times do become murderously violent, remembering grudges even longer than their cousins do.

Duergar are, like all Dwarves, clannish, but blood feuds can break out more often in this society than it does in either Hill or Mountain Dwarf societies. But also, when needed, they can unite to a single purpose and when this happens, a truly deadly foe is created.

In Duergar society, the strongest and most vicious rule the other clans as Overthane. When one clan who has an Overthane on their throne appears to be weak or slipping, it is not uncommon for another to try and wrest power through over throwing the current regime. This makes Duergar society a brutal and violent one, to say the least.

Though mostly found under the ground, Duergar can and have ventured to the surface, part of Drow raiding parties where some extra muscle is needed, a quick feat of engineering is needed from them, or something has piqued their interest enough for them to risk a surface raid in order to gain whatever it is that piqued their interest. It will be rare to see a Duergar atop the ground during the day and if so, most will wear hoods and some type of smoked lenses (bright light affects them, see disadvantages.).

Being evil, these dwarves will work with evil-aligned creatures and people to gain power or gold. Their most common ally is the Drow, as both work together deep under the ground, the Drow providing magic and energies for the making of magical weapons and armor while the Duergar provide the armor and weapon making skills and suitable defenses, strongholds and halls, being natural engineers.

• Duergars receive a +3 to dmg when fighting any subterranean creature for they know how to kill them quickly and what spots to hit.
• Darkvision up to 150ft
• Constitution +2
• Strength +2
• Poison resistance +10%
• Can Detect Slope and Grade
• Have a +5% Magic Resistance

• Dexterity -3
• Charisma -3
• Can be blinded by bright light for d3 rounds

• Cannot become any Good alignment
• Cannot wield 2-handed weapons
• Cannot Become Paladins, Mages, Rangers or Bards

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