Earning Skills - May use one of these each day to earn coin.

Acting : - This skill is one that a person either develops through time and practice, or one that they are seemingly born with. The Acting skill represents a persons ability to perform before an audience or crowd, stage acting,, for the main purpose of entertainment. If used on it's own, a passed Acting check will earn the person a small amount of gold, per hour they actively spend panning the streets (This is determined by the Host, but will never exceed 100 gold in a common area). This skill may also be used to create distractions or to get the attention of an enemy, at a host's discretion. Starts at a base of 25% and increases at a rate of 2% per level. (Bards get 4% per level)

Animal Training : - A character with this skill has become adept at taming a number of animal types for domesticated use, protection or even assistance in combat. Commonly trained animals are ones such as Dogs, wolves, cats, pigeons, falcons, horse breeds including mules and many various others. Some adventurers are brave enough to work with truly wild beasts, getting close enough to attempt to train the animals. Animal training starts with a base of 20% and increases by 2% per level (Ranger 4% per level).

Foraging : - Used by many for the purposes of knowing what food items in the wilderness can be gathered and eaten, what plants to avoid, where medical herbs grow and the knowledge of what wood burns best as kindling, etc.

Wood may be found from an appropriate environment with a Foraging roll. One day’s foraging is sufficient to find 20 gold worth of wood, either as whole billets or as fractions of billets, with a successful roll. A roll of 3 doubles this quantity, a 2 triples it, and a 1 quintuples it. Fractional billets are useless until they are completed. Starts with a base of 20% and 2% per level (Rangers get a 4% per level)

Mining : - The skill of enduring back-breaking, dangerous, and often hopeless labor in a dark shaft in the middle of nowhere, for the promise of riches. A successful Mining check produces two rods of iron. A natural 3 on this check produces 1 rod of steel instead; a natural 2 produces two rods of steel, and a natural 1 produces either one rod of silver or one rod of gold. Uncommon and rare metals cannot be mined for. This skill cannot be used on consecutive days, as the character’s body requires rest. 10% base, +3% per level gain.

Set Snares : - This skill allows the character the use of simple components to set foot falls, spiked traps and snares for hunting. The skill can also be used to trap larger creatures, even beyond the size of a man however there is a penalty to create such massive traps, because the size of a particular beast is difficult to determine medium sized creatures. Creating a snare for anything bigger than medium classed creatures or humanoids suffers a -10% to the skill check. Starts with a base of 25% and increase by 2% per level.

Sleight of Hand : - The skill represents the characters ability to quickly move their hands over, under, into and around things to get their hands on and steal objects. This skill may be used once per RL day to attempt to “gather” gold from a populated area. A successful check causes the character to receive a d20 in gold. A natural 3 increases this to a d30, a natural 2 increases this to a d40, and a natural 1 increases this to a d50. This skill's base is 15% and 2% per level. (Rogues get 20% base and 3% per level)

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