A character can only carry so many weapons before they start to be weighed down by being armed to the teeth. Characters in Omen may carry 4 hands’ worth of weapons without penalty. A weapon consumes as many hands as it requires for the character to wield the weapon. The sole exception to this rule: every character has one additional slot for a dagger, knife, or other small hand weapon, sufficient to be tucked into a boot. Armour does not consume hands, even for items like shields, as armour applies its own penalties to evade and Dexterity.

For each hand of weaponry that the character carries in excess of their maximum, they receive -10% to evade and -1 to their Dexterity score, as the weight and bulk of so many armaments impairs their freedom of movement. A character carrying three longbows, a greataxe, and a dagger, thus, has four extra hands of weapons and receives -40% evade and -4 Dex until they lighten their load.

Characters may avoid these penalties by using magical means, like bags of holding or enchanted scabbards, or by using draft and pack animals or carts to carry their arms.
-Beasts of burden (mules, pack horses, etc.) can handle 10 hands of gear.
-Sleds can carry 8 hands of gear.
-Carts can load 10 hands of gear.
-Wagons can load 25 hands of gear.

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