Clad in armor and sometimes bristling with melee weapons, the fighter stands out in his chosen profession. She is easily recognized as a soldier or mercenary type right off hand. Every place from Sall Thorpe's to the largest cities have these types, for the common man learns quickly that swinging a club or sword can garner them fame at best, a living, meager as it is, at worst.

Fighters are generally strong of body and are strong also in constitution. Since they are on the front lines in a battle, these must be paramount, with the amount of punishment they will sustain damage from not only close quarter melee, but also from ranged attacks, such as a bowshot, spells or prayers.

Alignment And Racial Restrictions:
Any Alignment

Cannot be bedouins.

Profession Requirements :
Minimum of 16 Strength

Minimum of 15 Constitution

Behavior Toward Others:
Fighters can get along with most any other profession, due basically to the realization that the others have their role in a battle. Again, personal preference comes into play here. (for example, a female fighter character may not like having mages around, not trusting them.

Class Abilities & Bonuses:
Fighters receive a +1% to attack and +1 to damage when they use a weapon they are skilled with.

Class Flaws:
Fighters cannot use magical items such as scrolls (unless specially written for a fighter) staves, rods and wands.

Starting Skills
Climbing 20%, Danger Sense 20%, Jumping, Sense Motive 15%, Swimming

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