Gnomes are the thinkers, the tinkers, the doers and the gadget lovers of the world. They have a love for nature, precious object and most often anything of a mechanical nature.

Young: 30 Years
Adult: 100 Years
Middle Age: 150 Years
Old: 300 Years
Venerable: 500 Years

Known Language: Gnomish

Gnomes have a wonderful sense of humor and are often joking and toying with friends and comrades. They find particular enjoyment in pranks. They are quick to trust so long as the encounter is on a very social and friendly basis. Likewise they are also quick to anger will often hurl an unintelligible string of insults before the offender can finish his/her own initial sentence. With their love for a prank comes a natural recklessness.

Their curiosity and trust they have gives them a love for experiencing things on their own by personal experience, giving them reasons to tell as many stories as they can. Their Recklessness is not always bad, as they have little fear, and will more often than not discover something through wild antics that some companions would never find out due to a desire to stay alive.

Gnomes speak with a quick tongue that often leaves others standing silently, attempting to piece together some usable piece of information from the string of words. Much to the dismay of his/her comrades, the gnome will only stop or slow down their speech to eat, drink and breathe. Gnomes love names, and most have at least 10 different names. Now, due to their rapid speech the string of names usually ends up sounding like one long name.

Other races will generally take the first word they understand in the blabber of names and simply call them that one. Gnome accept this, seeing it as the person simply having a preference to one of their names. Gnomes are welcome just about everywhere by kind hearted people for the engineering and alchemy skills… that is until their creation somehow manages to explode despite the fact that it might have no combustible materials.

Gnomes stand roughly 3' or so tall, generally being just slightly on the pudgy side, though some have a more fit build. They generally weigh anywhere from 30-60 lbs. Skin tone ranges from a dark tan to a woodland Brown, their hair is often a gentle fair color with eyes that can be any color of the spectrum. They typically reach adulthood at 60 years old, and can live to be almost 500 years old. Gnomes are Classified as "Small".

• Intelligence +1
• Receives a + 2% evade due to their size and swiftness.
• all machine related skills and abilities + 5%
• Possesses a + 5% innate talent with all skills involving animals
• Darkvision (infravision) 60ft
• When performing checks for listening (keen hearing) +1 to Intelligence
• Dexterity + 2

• Strength: -2
• Constitution: -2
• Cannot wield two handed weapons classed for medium sized or larger

• Cannot be any form of paladin

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