Sometimes, either through raiders attacking a village or through an act of love, a Human and Elf mate. The progeny comes from this union, it produces a mixture between the two races, the Half-Elf.

Young: 10 Years
Adult: 20 Years
Middle Age: 100 Years
Old: 150 Years
Venerable: 200 Years

Known Language: A half-elf will know High Elven only if they were raised among elves. If your character was raised among humans they will know only Common and High Elven will need to be purchased.

Half-Elves are generally a split between the human and elven halves that made up their personality. Half-Elves raised in Human environs will take up human traits, the reverse applying for Half-Elves raised in Elven environs. In either, they will face hazing because of their mixed heritage, this thereby making them more introverted and shy. Once they feel comfortable around a group though, they do become more open, but still, they may be withdrawn.

Half-Elves are slightly shorter than an average Human (range from 5'7" to 5'9") and are not as strongly built as one, but do look more rugged than their Elven cousins, and their features are smoother than Human, but not as smooth as an Elf. Also the eyes aren't as almond shaped as an Elf's , nor are their ears as pointed. Hair and eye color runs from Almost a whitish blond to a medium brown for hair, and pale blue to deep green for eye color, though rarely, a brown-eyed Half-Elf may be born

• Like Elves, they gain a +1 on their to hit and damage for short and long bows.
• Darkvision (75')
• Half-elves meld the industrious nature of humanity with the wisdom and brightness of the elves. They take to their professions readily, gaining a +5% bonus to all of their class’s starting skills.

• Cannot be any form of paladin

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