Halflings are an odd race. They are very quizzical and will annoy almost any person who cant tolerate a long conversation. They are a fun loving bunch and is very sneaky. They love and live for adventure and most tend to become Thieves or Bards.

Young: 10 Years
Adult: 20 Years
Middle Age: 50 Years
Old: 100 Years
Venerable: 150 Years

Known Language: Halfling

Halflings are stereotyped by other races to be nothing but low down thieves. But few see that Halflings live for the sport of gaining knowledge and collecting artifacts, this eventually turns into thievery but not in a halflings eyes. They would rather not fight and will often stay in the back of a battle but they can hold their own if need be.

Halflings tend to be around 2.5 ft tall to 3.5 ft tall in height. They can weigh anywhere from 30 to 52 lbs. They grow a lot of body hair but it seems to never grow around there face except for thick sideburns.

They all have childlike look even when they are elder and their skin complexion and hair color depends on the lands of Omen in which they grew up in. They tend to live around 300 yrs.

• Dexterity +1
• +5% to the following skills: Appraisal, Detect Traps, Disarm Traps (or Detect & Disarm Traps if the character is a rogue), Lockpicking, Sleight of Hand, and Skulking.
• +2% to hit with ranged weapons.

• Strength -2
• Constitution -2

• Cannot become Paladins

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