When an Ogre male and a human female, or a Human male and an Ogre female mate, usually their is progeny that comes from such unions, Ogres being both fertile and seed full. The result of this union between the two, whether wanted or not, is a mix of the two races, the Half-Ogre.

Young: 15 Years
Adult: 30 Years
Middle Age: 60 Years
Old: 80 Years
Venerable: 90 Years

Known Language: Depending on where they were raised either they would know Ogre or only Common. If raised by human parents with no exposure to Ogre language, Ogre would have to be purchased.

The Half-Ogre's personality will predominately depend on which society he or she were raised in. They will have a human personality if raised in human environs, or an Ogre one if raised in an Ogre society. They all will have the common feeling of being of two races, but belonging to neither. In human communities this can lead to isolationism or an introverted sense at least, or a bully or ultra aggressive at worst.

In an Ogre society they will generally be treated as inferior and beaten, taunted and teased until they show their intelligence (being smarter than full Ogres) and win through cunning the ability to lead Ogre bands in successful raids and ambushes.

Half-Ogres raised in human communities are the easier of the two to get along with. Primarily, they tend to socialize better with others that are of mixed blood (Half-Orcs, Half-Elves, other Half-Ogres) but are known to get along with most other races, depending on personality. They will not readily take to Dwarves of the magicked half-breed race between Dwarf and Human, Mulden. Dwarves may even attack a Half-Ogre on sight or vice-versa, depending on the social conditions where either were raised.

Depending on which parent had he stronger genetic strain, Half-Ogres can look more Human, albeit at best one of average looks or more Ogrish. Hair color ranges from a dull bronze and green to the Human spectrum. Eye color follows the same lines as the aforementioned, color ranging from white or orange for the ogre part, to standard human eye color for the human part, again depending on which was dominant.

One thing common to all Half-Ogres is their girth and size. Half-Ogres stand between 6 1/2- 7/3/4 feet tall and weigh anywhere between 300-425 lbs. They are massive, though not as massive as their Ogre cousins nor as bulky, with the human aspect slimming and contouring their features more than their Ogrish cousins.

Half Ogres tend primarily to be warriors, though some clerics have come about from them, also, for their size, some have even ventured into the thieving realm. De to their nature, they cannot be of a Lawful alignment, nor can they become a Paladin of any type, due to the fact that though intelligent enough, they still have the strong Ogrish strains that would prevent such dedication and determination, along with suffering in the proper charisma. They can be dual classes Fighter/Thieves, Fighter/Clerics, or Cleric/Thief. Though they can be mages, most questing Half-Ogres choose not to be, depending on their strength and wits over magery to get through their obstacles.

• Strength +2 (cumulative with Str Bonus)
• Constitution +2 (cumulative with other Con Bonus)
• Darkvision, 60'
• +5% poison resistance.
• Can wield a Two-Handed weapon One Handed

• Charisma -2
• Dexterity -3
• Wisdom -1
• intelligence -1
• Weak against prayers/spells (-2 to Intel/Wis check rolls)

• Cannot be of a Lawful alignment (Ethic)
• Cannot be a Paladin of any alignment (Ethic)
• Minimum Strength of 17

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