High Elf

The high elf represents the general population of elves as a whole, not including of course the sharpwing or the drow. Ranging from those of the forest to the elves who have integrated into civilization among other races, the high elf is the most commonly known and seen.

Young: 80 Years
Adult: 200 Years
Middle Age: 500 Years
Old: 800 Years
Venerable: 1000 Years

Known Language: High Elven


They have no set personality type, as the elves of the forest care more for the love of nature as opposed to the love of knowledge, wealth and power that the city dwelling scholars, mages and merchants may have. Irregardless of being in a city or wood setting, High Elves are always of a Good/Neutral alignment (Except for Chaotic Neutral) as this best fits and describes thier general personality types, though they are not bound to a particular set personality.
Regardless of ethic the elves admire and recognize their own skills of trade, especially when working with items of wood. Most tend to be haughty by nature, and see their kind as being at the top of the chain of life, with all other races beneath them. This is not something they emphasize or will openly admit, after all they don't need to. They already know it as true.
Elves have a natural link to all that is magical, and it can be seen in everything they do. It is said that magic surges through them, extending their life, shaping their figure, and enchanting everything they touch. The communities and cities of Elves, regardless of their location or size are always a wonder to behold. Carved directly from the earth itself or built in and around the massive trees that populate the forests of the world. They prefer to work with quartz, granite, and marble, those things achieving a wonderful finish and smooth traits.

The most glorious creation of the elves is the circle of the 9. Nine obelisks crafted of a pure white rock that shimmers brilliantly in the sun, and glows just as bright under the silver moon. The only other place that this stone can be found is on the walls of Sobenical, yet the elves seem to work with it in nearly every city and community, crafting the most important buildings out of the perfect material. There is an elven word for this stone but it does not seem to be a name for it, merely a description as the word Qeruanna'dim which translated roughly into common, comes out as 'final song'. The haunting perfection and gleaming beauty of the stone work has been known to bring a tear to the eye of those who see it for the first time, especially the dwarves, who insist the circle of 9 had to have been built by dwarves though the origins of it seem to be much older.
Other forest dwelling elves prefer to live natural on harmony with the land, creating massive cities in and among the trees, most often high in the air. Hundreds to thousands could live in a forest city and a passer by could walk directly through the center and never notice. The forest dwellings are often linked by systems of walk ways and swings which the forest elves have created.
Elves that venture out into the world will rarely wear anything BUT the finely crafted items of their kin. They will if they have no choice but they do so with much disdain. They rarely trade for weapons and armor among the other races, as they feel their own forms of chainmail and hide armor as well as hunting weapons are of a higher quality and in this case they are quite right. No other race can craft a finer suit of chainmail or ranged weapon. Elven Bows, staves and arrows are highly sought after.
The High Elves typically get along with their kin, the sharpwings, though they do see them as somewhat aloof. A sharpwing is treated as among the first ranks of society and are given honour by elves. Among the upper echelons especially of elven society, Sharpwing are known as Kin of the Blood and treated as a higher caste than themselves. They despise the drow in every way, regardless of the ethic of the drow. As they see themselves above the other races of Omen, the Elves typically remain withdrawn, only interacting with others for the purpose of basic trade.
Those Elves that leave society to venture forth into the world are somewhat frowned upon if those ventures are done with frivilous intent, but are never stopped and are of course welcome to return depending on the conditions to which they left the city. As Elves consider that they are among the first blood of Omen after the gods, they see no real reason for traveling beyond their own beautiful walls but when a necessity or cause presents itself the traveler is considered to travel in the eyes of the people. If travel is made for no reason other than spontenaity and no audience with elders arranged for it, the elf is likely to be considered anathema until their return and regarded as outcast until proven otherwise. The Elves specifically disagree with the way the humans go about their lives, seeing their actions as rushed and frivolous as they scurry about in their short life spans. Still though, relationships and the like are not uncommon between some Elves and the other races even going so far as with the Drow, though that also in itself is extremely rare.

Elves tend to stand between 5'2" and 5'7" on average, the women being generally shorter then the males with long graceful arms and legs. the men are nearly as thin as the females, though with shorter arms and legs that have a heavier stock, along with broader shoulders. Both tend to where their hair long, often braided or tied back. Hair and eye color fall within the Human spectrum, though in some cases hair may range to Green, White or (In rare occassions) Steel Gray (unless venerable) and eye color being also within the Human spectrum, though Red, Violet, Pink and (rarely) White are also seen amongst High Elves.

Their appearance seems to be chiseled almost out of marble. They generally have perfect skin, especially the woman, which ranges from a soft ivory white to a slight tan. An elf with scars oddly appears that much more beautiful. Elves are typically well muscled and athletic, though those that take up the professions of the mind tend to lose a bit of their physical prowess. Their eyes can range from a large round to almond shaped, the latter being the most commonly seen.

The Elves typically have an elongated face with high cheek bones, a narrow chin and thin eyebrows. Full blooded elves have no facial or body hair of any kind, save for the hair on their head which in some communities is looked at as a status symbol, referring to the length and texture/softness of the hair.

The most well known feature of an elf is the ears. though they differ in size and shape, the ears of an elf always come to a fine point on top and are typically a dead give away for an elf. High Elves tend to live on an average of 1000 years.

• Elves gain a +1% to hit and +1 damage when using any shortbow or longbow, as well as the long sword, these being the primary weapons they are trained in starting at the change to adulthood.
• Darkvision (infravision) to 120ft
• Elves have a natural attunement to the spectrum of magic, as such they receive a +5% bonus to magical resistance as well as a +2% to spell success (this would raise a 30% chance to succeed up to to 32% for example)
• Due to their eagle like vision, an elf can easily spot fleeting movements as well as being able to easily identify secret doors and creases in walls that as such. they receive a +1 to intelligence on spot and search checks only.
• Being thin though well muscled for their kind they are swift on their feet and quick with their hands, giving them a natural +1 bonus to Dexterity.

• Though Elves are generally fit they are, to a certain extent, weaker than many other races in body and spirit. Elves suffer a -2 to constitution and a -1 to str.

• Minimum 17 Dex
• Maximum 18 Str

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