Hill Dwarf

A serious race whose amusements are different from other races, Hill Dwarves are much like other versions of dwarves but they have chosen to live not in mountain strong holds but on lower hills.

Young: 20 Years
Adult: 50 Years
Middle Age: 100 Years
Old: 200 Years
Venerable: 250 Years

Known Language: Dwarven

Much like their mountain cousins, these Dwarves are a dour, serious lot who's idea of humor is different than the rest of the races of Omen, though they are easier (slightly) to get along with than their Mountain cousins. Studious task masters, these Dwarves do, say, worship and act like their cousins in the mountains. The only difference is that they have shunned the confines of living in the mountain, preferring to try and make a living atop the mountain, of lower in the hills, making themselves more accessible to the other races who wish to procure their wares.

Socially, Hill Dwarves still get along on good terms with those of the Mountain Dwarf variety, though some friction can be caused when a Mountain Dwarf calls a Hill dwarf a barbarian at least or a traitorous arse at worst. Clans have feuded over such, though generally today such violence between the two parties is very rare. Hill dwarves, along with mountain dwarves, especially do not like anything having to do with magic, save for enchantments.

Hill Dwarves, choosing not to isolate themselves as did their mountain kin, interact better with the other races of Omen and even act as go-betweens among other races and the Mountain Dwarves, mostly in the aspect of purchases. Many of those upon the face of Omen covet the fine weaponry and armor of the Dwarves, and the Dwarves in turn will trade it off for anything from precious metals or jewels right down to livestock and fabric.

Hill Dwarves are also famous for one other thing. Their ale. Hill Dwarven Ale is prized among both Mountain and Hill Dwarves and large sums of money has been paid to Hill Dwarven Brew masters to work for different clans, though a Hill Dwarf will always side with his clan over all else.

Money and gems also attract a Hill Dwarf. But like their cousins, they do not flaunt wealth in their solid, stone-built homes, as this is considered crass and in poor taste. They value work above all else whether it be stone masonry, Weaponsmithing, forging armor or even mining, as some Hill Dwarves still do mine for the metals and gems the clans need.

As in the Mountain society, Hill Dwarves are clannish, each loyal to a clan, and each clan loyal to the overclan and Thane, or Dwarven King. Though in the past, inter-clan wars ave broken out between rival Hill Dwarven clans.

Adventuring Hill Dwarves are out to make a name for themselves and bring glory to the clan with which they are a part of. Good by nature, they can interact with most races, but distrust mages of any kind, and have reservations about Half-Ogres. Mulden they feel sympathy for, but distrust them until they have proven themselves a worthy ally.

Hill Dwarves are slightly Taller than their Mountain Dwarf cousins. Hill Dwarves stand anywhere between 4'2-4'8" in height and have the same compact, broad features common among all dwarves. Their mustaches and beards are plaited and groomed, even tucking the growth into their belts. Their manner of dress is plaids, or deep browns and greens and their accent is as brogueish as their cousins (For vocal reference, Celtic or Scottish can be used for RP flavor.)

Hill Dwarven clan holds and towns are built from stone. All the buildings will be carved of mason stonework, with the craftsman's touch. Inside their home will be squat practical furniture that is used. A favored axe or hammer may hangover the hearth, but their living quarters are Spartan compared to other races. Dwarves believe that a thing should have a use in the home, if it doesn't, it isn't needed there.

• Hill Dwarves gain a +3 to damage when fighting Giant and Ogre type creatures, having been trained where to hit these creatures, the spots that hurt.
• Darkvision, 75'
• Cannot become lost underground, unless magic is involved.
• Constitution +2, being as hearty as they are.
• Strength +2, being compact
• Get +10% poison resistance.
• Can detect slope and grade with a successful Intelligence check.
• Have a +5% to their base magical resistance.

• Suffer a -2 to Dexterity, due to compactness (Max dex of 18)
• Suffer -2 to Charisma, due to their gruff nature. (Max Charisma of 18)

• Cannot wield Man-Sized two handed weapons (Two handed swords, Great axes, Great sword, etc.)
• Cannot become mages or any cross-class prestige available to mages.
• Can only use Magical weapons, armor, and rings. rest fail to work on them, due to the natural resistance to magic they have.
• Cannot be druids, mages, or rangers.

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