How Spells and Prayers Work

In Omen: The Foreshadowed Lands, both prayers and spells function a bit differently than you perhaps are used to, especially if you have played in different realms online. Rather than the player having a spell always automatically work, we use what is known as a concentration % roll. This system is rolled using a d100. Now what makes it different is that you, as the mage or cleric, have a base % chance for your spell or prayer to succeed, or for your concentration to pay off. As you gain levels, this base % for concentration changes. For example, you start with a 53% chance of succeeding your concentration check…Upon gaining 2nd level the % goes up to to a 56% chance. There are different amounts for each profession, which are Mage, Cleric and Unschooled. The Unschooled have prayer or spell capabilities. This class includes the Paladin and the Ranger. (Though others may be added at a later time.) The Unschooled have a different % mainly because they are focusing on other things, such as Sword Training for a Paladin, whereas Mages and Clerics only have their spells/prayers to worry about to concentrate on and hone. Dual- and multi-class characters do not fall under the category of Unschooled. All they will do is use the concentration % of the class they chose. For example, Mustachio, a 4th level Fighter, decides to become a Dual class Fighter/Mage. He would use the mage % table.

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