Humans are the most diverse and adaptable race within Omen. They are found within every nook and cranny of the realm. They aren't bias to anything from religion to professions.

Young: 10 Years
Adult: 20 Years
Middle Age: 40 Years
Old: 90 Years
Venerable: 100 Years (150 Years Possible)

Known Language: Common


There isn't much of a history that can bee narrowed down when it comes to the human race. They were on Omen when it began and have multiplied rapidly, normally there can be found in any race, in every corner of the world, a couple of them living among the other races. There are not many exceptions to the races getting along at least with a tense relationship.

There is a stranger connection that comes between human and elven peoples because of the middle ground of half elven bloodlines. The human species has also shown itself to be so adaptable in a variety of cultures and environments they have earned a sort of grudging respect on the most part from the longer lived of the races. Though looked on as children by those with extensive ages because of their short lives in comparison, there is no ill will among them as a general population.

Humans can stand normally anywhere between 5 feet to 7 feet though there are some variations among that for genetics, the pure human bloodline will stay within that ranger. The common weight variations range anywhere from 90 lbs to 300 lbs, again some leeway toward the heavier end is made for genetics and activity.

Features of the human species are determined by where they come from in the land of Omens but they are much similar and vary only in the common ways of genetics. Hair colors range in all natural shades: blonde, brown, red, black. Eye color is the same, the natural colors of blue, brown, and green. Shades vary based off genetics as they do with hair.

• Humans gain +1% to all non-combat skill ratings and skill growth rates. This does not apply to non-combat skills without a skill percentage.

• Though fairly adaptable to various climates, some extreme environments take a tole on human physiology.

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