The Keshune are a race of bipedal humanoids with the head of a timber wolf. Their bodies do not have fur, but have a generally human shape.

Young: 10 Years
Adult: 20 Years
Middle Age: 40 Years
Old: 60 Years
Venerable: 80 Years

Known Language: Keshune

It is unknown how the Keshune came into existence, no record of them exists except for their appearance out of the ethereal one day, supposedly soon after a society, the Xianth, disappeared from their homes on a far away continent. Rumors have it that the Keshune were created by a mad mage who dabbled a little too far, tapping into the Nexus somehow, others claim that they came form another world to replace the extinct Xianth. This is all conjecture and speculation, however, but the one thing is that they do exist and are here now.

It is only recently they have made their way to the continent of Omen, claiming to be from somewhere known as Asgaridel, another continent away. Many sages have talked and conversed with these folk, and the above information was garnered from these conversations.

Overall, they seem to be able to adapt to most professions quickly, though rogue, druid, mage, cleric, and ranger seem to be what most lean toward. They seem to lean in an ethical sense toward either a neutral stance or as many show, a chaotic one, yet with an overall sense of goodness about them.

The Keshune stand anywhere between 5-6 1/2 feet tall, depending on where they were raised. They have the head of a Timber Wolf while bearing the body of a humanoid normally. As they get older, their furry head changes color, from a deep black to spots of gray, until their entire head is gray with a few splotches of black.

Their physical and mental shows a quick intellect and a hearty fortitude, they also seem to move and react with almost an elven grace, showing an obvious advanced dexterity. But they are a bit on the less brawny side and not as charismatic as some other races, due mostly to their odd appearance and how some can become quite feral if agitated. This also seems to hamper their common sense at times.

• Intelligence +2
• Dexterity +2
• Constitution +1
• Darkvision, 60'

• Charisma -2
• Strength -2
• Wisdom -1

• Cannot be of a Lawful Alignment
• Cannot be paladins

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