Kietzyn are a humanoid feline race that trend more toward the feline with muzzles and fur of the feline and borrowed the means of movement from humanoid species. They have been in the lands of Omens for centuries and communicate with High Elves but have been up until recently a very insular species.

Young: 10 Years
Adult: 20 Years
Middle Age: 40 Years
Old: 60 Years
Venerable: 80 Years

Known Language: Keitzyn

The Kietzyn have been around in the land of Omens for centuries, having first made contact with the High Elves. However, until recently, the Kietzyn remained quiet in the affairs of every race and political event.

What made the Kietzyn so difficult to involve in the affairs of the realm, was the nomadic and fiercely territorial natures of their kind. While all related, different sub species of Kietzyn exist, and it typically centralizes on the type of feline they’re closest related to. They tend to form very close knit family units, and maintain a territory large enough to hunt or raise a family.

However, since the great Catastrophe that befell Omens - the Kietzyn have begun to form the odd village and small town, realizing the need for a localized system of government, or at least in some form, representation in a Realm that’s been on the tipping point of regrowing and repairing, or falling into a perpetual state of chaos. The Kietzyn have small embassies within the capital cities of most of the major capitals of Omens, with local representatives liaising between the different tribes that roam every corner of Omens.

Some Kietzyn come from the cold north, and some from the more tropical regions. Some come from the plains and from just about everywhere. Each subspecies is a little bit different, but in some fashion, they’re all related.

The Kietzyn are species of feline, resembling in part, humanoids. They walk Bipedal, but are often found running on all fours to obtain greater speed or stealth. They have muzzles and whiskers, feline eyes and the accompanying ears and tails to go with. Their colourings are varied, with nearly every feline colour represented in some fashion in one tribe or another. All are equipped with strong jaws, a powerful appetite for fresh meat, and retractable claws on their pawed hands capable of obtaining it.

• Strength +2
• Constitution +1
• 200' Dark Vision
• Claws: Natural Weaponry, that if taken care of - can be a lethal attribute in battle. A Kietzyn is never truly disarmed with them. 2d4 Base Damage. Kietzyn needs both hands free to use their claw attack.
• Teeth: Sharp. Gnashing. Tearing. The Kietzen’s teeth are dangerous, and one should hope to never get between them. 1d8 damage befalls any who do.

• Wisdom -1. Kietzyn have not been involved in the affairs of Omens for long, and thus suffer a penalty with worldly wisdom.
• Charisma -1. Kietzyn, while often attractive and pleasing to the eyes, tend to have off putting or aggressive personalities. The foreign looks, and the fact the Kietzyn have not been known for long makes dealing with outsiders particularly problematic.
• Paws pose unique challenges in day to day life. Wielding a weapon not designed for a Kietzyn results in a -10% To Hit. The weapon must be *specifically* crafted for their paws, meaning many Kietzyn shun such things, preferring their own natural weapons instead of the expense of modification. Furthermore, Kietzyn may not wear boots of any kind unless designed for them, similiarly, gloves pose the same issues.


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