Languages are earned by points in Intelligence at Character creation, the Modern Languages skill, or by finding Tomes of language or purchasing them from the Book Shop

Those languages that your character is given at character creation by Race or Class are free. When you list the languages on your sheet, you should place their origins in parenthesis (race) (class) (Int) for example.

Common - Literally the most commonly spoken language that exists. Normally this is the language that all people use to communicate with those around them. Common is known by ALL races without cost.

Common Languages - 1 Point

Drow - A dark sounding language for a dark people, drow is an offshoot of elven that took a shadowy path.
Dwarven - An oddly formal language with varying 'accents' that are based off the location of the dwarf in question.
Fae - A language that is dependent on its tone to carry most of the weight of the meaning of words.
Gnomeish - A cheerful quick language that is easy to learn because of the speed with which a gnome would be happy to help you learn it.
Halfling - A childlike and extremely fast tongue, difficult to get the tongue around, but useful in communicating with the quick spoken halflings.
High Elven - An extremely well known language spoken in varying degrees of formality. Elves being a proud people, the language has remained unchanged for time out of mind.
Kyotan - A lilting language, lyrical and well used for poetry and song because of its musical nature.
Reptosilian - A language of hisses and clicks that relies more on tone than on punctuation.

Uncommon Languages - 2 Points

Bedouin - Bright and sandy, this language is difficult to learn because of the combination of verbal and gestural communication that makes it up.
Darken Drow -The darken drow people began as a race that was reviled by even the drow, because of this they began to communicate in a language below the Drow language.
Goblin - A dark and disturbing language full of chattering. Goblins are weird.
Keitzyn - Purring growling language that is uncommon because of just how careful the keitzyn are about whom they allow into their culture.
Keshune - Growling and barking speech that is the language of the keshune people, a canine race.
Lontra - A language that is extremely formal, it may be quickly enough learned but the nuances of the language are complex.
Mulden - Aggressive language,while also being hushed and spoken in undertones due to the mulden's nature as a slave race.
Sharpwing - Delicately worded, bright and lovely, as the sharpwings generally are.
Thieves' Cant - A language entirely created from scratch by those in the thieves guild, completely comprised of gestures.

Rare Languages - 3 Points

Abyssal - A black language that puts fear into the heart of the hearer.
Celestial - Languages of the ascended beings.
Draconic - Languages of the Dragons, nearly impossible for humanoid beings to emulate.
Sylvan - The languages of the Trees, Druids receive this language for free.

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