Lontra are an otter like race that have been closed off from the world but manage to be extremely worldy due to seers and an Oracle. They are coming into Omen now because of ill tidings and are carefully selected to do so.

Young: 4 Years
Adult: 10 Years
Middle Age: 15 Years
Old: 20 Years
Venerable: 30 Years

Known Language: Lontra

The Lontra have been pretty intensely closeted away from the world. Though these mainly water dwelling people are reclusive by nature, living most of their lives in their communities up until recently. They haven't been exposed to the outside world in terms of commerce or outer communication primarily because of the lengths of their life-spans. There have been very rare occurrences of Lontra leaving their home and moving out into the world but generally they stay in large close knit families.
Despite this isolation, Lontra are highly aware of the goings on of the world. These secluded people could be considered the watchers of the land of Omen as they have over the centuries remained in their communities and by virtue of a heavy dependence on those outsiders that they allow into their cities, gather books and knowledge and hoard it away.
In every generation of the Lontra as well there is born one great Oracle, a seer that comes into the world already in possession of the ability to see through the veils of time and place and is able to keep the population aware of the goings on out in the rest of the world. Though the Lontra spend a good deal of their time below the water, there are vast libraries that have been constructed in carefully protected caverns or in above water caches that are defended from the intrusion of outsiders and by the environment by a mixture of good management on the part of the Lontra as well as my magical means. The libraries of the Lontra are known to any scholar worth his salt and to most mages though in generalities. Lontra are known to exist but the location of their communities is kept as close to the vest as their libraries.
Recently because of not only the Great Event, but because of the looming signs that something is coming that will effect the lives of all those that live in the land of Omen, the Lontra have begun to change their insular ways and have begun to send their children out into the world, given the means that they need to make it among strangers and sent from the safety of their watery homes. It is unlikely to find a Lontra in the world that is not intelligent and charismatic because each as been selected by a group of elders to be allowed to leave home and people are chosen carefully, almost as representatives of the race. It is an honor to be sent among people.

The Lontra are humanoid in some respects, in height and in body structure though normally the general build of the Lontra is tall and slim. Their arms are like those of humans though perhaps a bit shorter and their hands are dexterous like a humans though the fingers have more of a paw structure than palms or finger pads with webbing in between each digit and short but keen claws on the tips of their fingers in place of nails.
These are the general aspects of a Lontra though from there, the characteristics of these unique people vary as much as human physiology does from human to human. The features of the Lontra are those of an otter. Normally the body is covered in a very soft, insulated underfur, which is protected by an outer layer of long guard hairs.The color of hair can range in tones of brown, black, white and gray.
Facially the Lontra bear a resemblance to the otter in that they have a muzzle, instead of normal human nose and mouth, slightly flattened heads like an otter, their ears are very small, and either rounded or pointed. The valve-like structure of the ears enables them to close when in the water. Their diamond shaped noses also bear the valve-structure of the ears to keep water from entering the nasal passages. There are some features that are dependent on the family line of the person. Presence or shape of a tail that resembles that of an otter when present, fur color, shape of the facial features, eye color.

• Gains Swimming skill automatically, and can move at twice the speed of a regular swimmer when unencumbered by armor heavier than leather.
• Innate Sensitivity to undersea creatures and how to hunt them.
• Can hold breath for 6 hours maximum, and can see/hear without difficulty when underwater.
• Due to their industrious and efficient nature, they will gain +1% per level to any and all craft skills taken, with the exception of Fletching.
• Can use any sort of Polearm, disregarding class restrictions.
• Intelligence +1 to for their natural efficiency, both in learning and performing tasks.
• Constitution +1 due to the natural conditioning of living under constant water pressure.
• Charisma +1 the individual was chosen by their community to enter the world due to the necessity that they be the best ambassador of the Lontra.

• Requires two slots to learn Land Riding, and can never learn Air Riding.
• Strength -2 because of their slender frames
• Can never use ranged weaponry other than a crossbow or siege equipment, and when using these takes a -5% to hit AND evade.
• The cap to hit and evade percentages is -5 when outside of the water. I.E., when out of water the to hit cap is 70%. If a prestige or special ability would raise this cap, then the penalty is still -5% from the maximum.

• Cannot become Rangers, due to their general lack of knowledge of forests and the like. Also cannot be Barbarians, for a similar reason of location.
• Can never use any sort of short or long bow.
• Because of their cultural heritage, Lontra are unable to be any evil alignment.

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