The Mage casts his spells through a studios process. Gathering the Mystical energies that are learn through years of training and studying. A mage will never be caught with out a copy of their spellbook. As it is the secondary source of their power. Though the mage does memorize their spells during periods of rest and study, when the spell is cast it is removed from their memory and must be memorized again from the spellbook. Upon completion of apprentice training, the spellbook is rewarded before he travels out into the world to find a home of his/her own. Mages are found throughout most of the known world scouring libraries and ancient tomes for forbidden or long lost spells to add to their own book.

Alignment And Racial Restrictions
Any alignment

Cannot be Dwarves, Half Ogres, Kyotans, or Muldens.

Profession Requirements :
Skill: Alchemy

Minimum of 18 Intelligence

Minimum of 16 Dexterity

Behavior Toward Others:
The Mage is not one for straight out battle as he is usually weaker in body than a fighter and prefers to stand back in a battle letting the well armored ones lead the way into battle while standing back casting spells. They look upon clerics with a bit of envy since they are granted their powers with a simple prayer where as the mage must study for all power learned. Thieves are looked upon with slight distrust as they may be seeking to steal and sell items a mage might own and sell them upon the black market.

Class Abilities & Bonuses:
The first ability that each mage learns as an apprentice is how to tap into and draw upon the natural flow of mana around them. This manifests in the ability to draw into local mana and fire a concussive blast at short range. The mage’s power bolt has a range of 20 feet and deals 1d6 damage on a successful hit, and is considered to be a ranged attack and not a spell. Mages may take the Power Bolt weapon skill if they wish to improve their bolt’s accuracy and damage, but this is not required in order to fire bolts.

The mage has the additional ability to transfer a spell from a scroll to their spellbook. When the scroll is memorized it will vanish and the spell will appear in the mages spellbook and can be memorized for use by the mage.

A mage may use or memorize a spell from a scroll up to and equal to their current level.

As a mage advances in level he will find his power growing. as he advances he can learn more spells and add to his spellbook spells found in tomes and libraries.

NOTE: If you do not have a spell listed on your sheet it is not in your spellbook.

At level 5, the mage receives a number of bonus spell levels, equal to their Intelligence minus 16. They may use these levels to purchase bonus spells, with each spell consuming its level in bonus levels. At level 10, the mage receives double this number of bonus spells to spend, triple at level 15, and so on.

At level 5, the mage gains the ability to call a familiar by performing a ritual requiring 100 gold worth of reagents and 6 hours. The familiar is a small animal, appropriate to the region in which the mage casts his summons, and the mage can see through its eyes and give it basic directions at will. If the mage’s familiar is slain, he may call a new one in 40 days.

Class Flaws:
If a mage uses all of the spells available and does not rest from the great energies fully expended they must roll constitution -3 or pass out for 3d2 rounds.

If a mage does not rest for a full 8 hours all spells cast will be cast at -15% due to lack of full rest.

Mages cannot wear armor above leather. As armor hinders their movement and ability to channel the energy they need. This also applies to shields as well. A mage cannot use a shield, for it also interferes with proper casting and channeling of energies. Also nothing that interferes with the mouth/speaking, also no gloves. Rumors have been told of ancient magical robes once used by the elves that are equal to chainmail in defense due to their elven design, though no robe such as this has ever been seen as of yet.

Mages may only use staves (Quarterstaff) or a dagger as weapons.

Mages can only have one familiar at a time.

Starting Skills
Alchemy 20% (+4%/lvl), Ancient Languages (arcane), Artifact Lore 15%, Diplomacy (+3 charisma check), Meditation

Mage Spell Progression

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