Mountain Dwarf

Much like their Hill cousins, these Dwarves are a dour, serious lot who's idea of humor is different than the rest of the races of Omen, Studious task masters, The Mountain dwarves have made a living from the gut rock of their Mountain fortresses and deep clanholds, mining, smithing and gem cutting.

Young: 20 Years
Adult: 50 Years
Middle Age: 100 Years
Old: 200 Years
Venerable: 250 Years

Known Language: Dwarven

Socially, Mountain Dwarves still get along on good terms with those of the Hill Dwarf variety, though sometimes the Mountain Dwarf may get a head of superiority above his Hill Dwarf cousin, and may say something off color, thereby making the Hill dwarf mad as the Nine Hells arse, and a fight may ensue, sometimes involving the two clans of the two dwarves. This is a rare occurrence today, and sometimes the two individual dwarves will meet for an unarmed combat, the winner either proving his point or redeeming himself, depending on which was offended. Mountain dwarves, along with Hill dwarves, especially do not like anything having to do with magic, save for enchantments.

Mountain Dwarves are rare travelers outside their mountain homes and if they do, its either to sell their wares, visit with their cousins in the hills, or the rarity, to adventure among the kingdoms of the realm. In either society, Hill or Mountain, Dwarves are never exiled, execution being a kinder method rather than exile.

Mountain Dwarves, like their Hill cousins, love ale and pay better than average prices for either a few kegs or the services of a Hill Dwarf Brewmaster, who make the finest ales in all of Omen.

Money and gems are the stock and trade of a Mountain Dwarf, as is Armor and weapons, along with the other crafted wares they produce. Mountain Dwarves, in general, are better at stonework and weapon and armorsmithing than their Hill cousins. Wealth is again, not displayed as this is considered crass and in poor taste. They value work above all else whether it be stonemasonry, weaponsmithing, armoring, gem cutting and mining and architecture. Mountain dwarves are famous for building quite a few keeps in Omen, though they will share a contract with their Hill cousins as well.

Mountain Dwarves are clannish, each loyal to a clan, and each clan loyal to the overclan and Thane, or Dwarven King. Though in the past, inter-clan wars have broken out between rival Mountain Dwarven clans. Unlike the Hill Dwarves though, who established an overclan and Thane upon leaving the mountain deepholds, the civil war among the mountain clans eventually produced the over clan and Thane there. Though Hill and Mountain Dwarves have separate and equal Thanes for each, they will all unite together in times of need, forgetting all differences to battle the oncoming threat, the old saying during these times is , "Dwarves is Dwarves.", and each will share of its supplies to keep all alive. The Hill dwarves share their livestock and grains that they grow, the Mountain dwarves providing the solid protection of the completely sealable mountain fortresses. Adventuring Mountain Dwarves, though very rare, are out among the others primarily to see the world and gain some experiences there, then back to the security f the mountain, for the most part, though some Mountain Dwarves have decided to stay out in the world, joining cousined clans in Hill Dwarven society. Mountain Dwarves, like Hill Dwarves, distrust mages of any kind, and have serious problems being around Half-Ogres, almost to the point they may attack one on sight. Mulden are treated with an outright scorn and are distrusted, being made by magic and dark arts, until they have proven themselves a worthy ally.

Mountain Dwarves are a little shorter than Hill Dwarves. Mountain Dwarves stand anywhere between 4'-4'6" in height and have the same compact, broad features common amongst all dwarves. Their mustaches and beards are groomed and even slightly oiled, so as to keep a certain shape, though this only happens when a young Mountain dwarf is courting a female. Some Mountain Dwarves follow the custom of tucking the growth into their belts, though they risk hazing from other Mountain Dwarves for this, "Barbaric" display of beard usage.. Their manner of dress is browns, tans, and blacks and their accent is very brogueish. (For vocal reference, Celtic or Scottish can be used for RP flavor.) Females, either Hill or Mountain, are slightly less broad and are almost beardless, a few whiskers on their cheeks and chin.

Mountain Dwarven clan holds and cities are all underground, the mountain being carved out to suit their needs in a masterful fashion. Inside their home, just like their Hill cousins, will be squat practical furniture that is functional and simple in design. A favored axe or hammer may hang over the hearth, but their living quarters are Spartan compared to other races. Dwarves believe that a thing should have a use in the home, if it doesn't, it isn't needed there. Again no sign of apparent wealth will be shown, though one could venture its there, secreted away in a special place, carved out from the mountain itself, and you can bet every gold piece is known and counted.

• Mountain Dwarves gain a +3 to damage when fighting Giant and Ogre type creatures, having been trained where to hit these creatures, the spots that hurt
• Darkvision, 150.
• Cannot become lost underground, unless magic is involved.
• Constitution +2, being as hearty as they are.
• Strength +2, being compact.
• Poison resistance +10%.
• Can detect slope and grade with a successful Intelligence check with a +2 bonus.
• Mountain dwarves’ strong arms and sturdy backs are well-suited to working in the deep mines of the world. Mountain dwarves gain a +5% to Mining skill, but they have no natural Mining ability. They must train and devote a skill slot to Mining skill, just like any other race, if they wish to have that skill.
• Have a +5% to their base magical resistance.

• Suffer a -2 to Dexterity, due to compactness (Max dex of 18)
• Suffer -3 to Charisma, due to their gruff nature and isolationism from the other races of Omen. (Max Charisma of 17)
• Cannot swim or learn to swim
• Suffer a -10% to attack and evade while o a boat
• Can be blinded by bright light for 1d3 rounds, suffering a -10% to hit and evade. (Successful constitution roll negates this.)

• Cannot be an evil alignment (Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil.)
• Cannot wield Man-Sized two handed weapons (Two handed swords, Great axes, Great sword, etc.)
• Cannot become druids, mages, or rangers.
• Magical Items: Dwarves Can only use Magical weapons, armor, and rings. rest fail to work on them, due to the natural resistance to magic they have.

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