The Mulden generally have either an aloof, reserved, or an aggressive disposition, depending on how they were treated by society in general.

Young: 10 Years
Adult: 20 Years
Middle Age: 40 Years
Old: 100 Years
Venerable: 150 Years

Known Language: Mulden

These beings were and still are, put into existence by magical rites of dark magi, who use enslaved human women and dwarven men to foster a child between the two. The magical process involves successfully charming each subject, then casting permanency on the charm, the two will comply with the magi. Once this is accomplished, the two copulate, where the mage, watching carefully, performs some additional dark incantations, in involving both abjuration and necromancy, so sages say. The end result is the woman is impregnated with a Mulden. A half-Breed between dwarf and Human.

Mulden may be of any class with the exception of mage, but cannot be of a Lawful alignment, due to their nature and manner with which they were created. Most become warriors, clerics or dual-classed warrior/clerics. Some, though rare, have become Rangers and rarer still…Paladins.

Also, due to the magical rites involved, all Mulden are sterile. One in 50 births will be a female Mulden, also sterile. They and their male counterparts can mate with humans, Elves, and even dwarves, but cannot seed or reproduce.

In a social setting, Mulden prefer to be alone unless among their own kind. However, it is not uncommon for Mulden to have friends of other races. Half elves seem to get along best with the Mulden. Half orcs and Half ogres are a case by case basis, due to the dwarven heritage. Once a friendship is established, it is one that lasts. The only type of people Mulden openly snub, (at least) or attack outright (at worst) are mages, due to their distrustful nature of magic and again the conditions from which they were born.

Mulden were created to be slaves. Today, most are freed, serving their masters well and earning it, or killing their cruel masters and escaping. Something common among all Mulden will be a scar along their body somewhere, as a mark of their birth. usually its either crescent moon shaped or a star shaped scar, about 2 inches in diameter, with a black tinge to it.

A Mulden stands between 6-6 1/2 feet tall, weighing anywhere from 275-390 lbs. Skin color varies from pale to a ruddy tan. Hair and eye color are between Blonde to dark brown for hair and hazel, green, blue, brown, and red for eye color.. They are all physically imposing specimens. Human height, but with heavy dwarven features, from their hair and beards to their build. Enlarge a dwarf and you have a Mulden.

• Strength +2 (cumulative to other str bonus)
• Constitution +2 (cumulative to other bonus)
• Mulden gain +5% magic resistance and +10% poison resistance. (as dwarves)
• Darkvision, 60'

• Charisma -2
• Intelligence -1
• Wisdom -1

• Cannot be of a Lawful Alignment
• Cannot become druids or mages
• Minimum Strength of 17
• Minimum Constitution of 17

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