A paladin, no matter what ethic, makes an impression when entering a scene, exuding the religious aspect that she follows. Usually they will also espouse their religious system and beliefs for those willing (or unwilling) to hear them. In battle, they will lead the melee, using sword and prayer in the name of their chosen deity to accomplish their goal. All paladins will try and convert those to the side of their deity, Good and neutral by example and teaching, evil by manipulation, coercion, or force.

Alignment And Racial Restrictions
Paladins of a Good deity must be either Lawful or Chaotic Good. Neutral Paladins must be Lawful or True Neutral and Evil Paladins can be Lawful Evil only.

Cannot be Duergar, Gnomes, Halflings, Keshunes, and Half Ogres

Profession Requirements :
Paladins, being religious warriors, must choose their deity that accords with their ethic.

Minimum of 17 Strength

Minimum of 17 Charisma

Minimum of 16 Wisdom

Minimum of 15 Constitution

Behavior Toward Others:
The ethical following of the paladin determines the classes with which she will get along with. For example, a good paladin will not tolerate those of evil alignments around him, the reverse being true of evil paladins. A good paladin can barely tolerate thieves, and will either separate himself from such or exact justice from such a one if she catches him involved in activities the paladin considers against the law.

Neutral paladins seek the balance, yet have their own agendas as to doing so, agendas set down by their chosen deity. True Neutral paladins seek the balance best, whereas Lawful Neutral paladins will seek the balance, but will sway with Law over Chaos.

Class Abilities & Bonuses:
Paladins Have the ability to look to their gods and be granted prayers to assist those in need, or do some serious harm.

3rd level may turn (good), command (evil) or choose which (neutral) undead, at 2 levels below a cleric.

5th level, a paladin can attain a steed. The animal is connected to the paladin and if is slain, the paladin must wait one year before attaining another of such. Horses and Griffons are the only 2 steeds that a paladin may have of this sort, and while atop such, those connected with the paladin gain a +1 to their attacks, the paladin gaining a +2.

Paladin Steeds Available:
Griffons (Good Paladins Only):
HP: 45, Hit: 45%, Evade: 55%
Claw: d8+4 piercing dmg, Bite: d8+2, Ability to fly.

Paladin's Horse Mount (Any Paladin):
HP: 45, Hit: 45%, Evade: 55%
Hoof: d8+4 trample dmg, Bite: d8+2, Rear Kick: d10+2

Nightmare Paladin's Steed (Evil Paladins Only):
HP: 45, Hit: 45%, Evade: 55%
Hoof: d8+4 fire dmg, Bite: d8+2, Rear Kick: d10+2

Paladins, beginning at level 3, may begin using cleric prayers. They function as a cleric 2 levels below them for all intents and purposes relating to prayer usage and casting.

At level 7, 12, 17, 22, and 27, the paladin receives a burst of insight from their god, granting them an additional prayer so long as her Wisdom score is 18 or greater.

Paladins who are 12th level and above receive a blessed sword from their chosen deity. These are either a great sword or a massive two handed one. Both are +5 to hit and damage, radiate a protection from evil/good in a 10' radius (again depending on ethic, neutral s choose effect) and do x3 damage to one particular enemy of the paladin's choice (player must state enemy after receiving weapon, which will be noted on the character sheet).

Paladins also have the "religious touch" ability. Once a day, after 5th level, they may heal (good), harm (evil), or choose which (neutral) d12 points of damage.

Class Flaws:
Being warriors of a religious nature, they must stay within those boundaries. If a paladin transgresses, his or her deity may deduct 1 point from their primary abilities until redeemed or they seek a cleric of their deity for absolution. They are still considered a paladin even if their score drops below the minimum.

A paladin who transgresses against his/her deity will suffer between a 2-20% loss on % when using a skill, until they redeem themselves or seek a cleric of their deity for absolution. (Host determines the % with the offense)

If a paladin offends his/her deity in some manner, they will suffer anywhere from a -2-20% on their to hit and evade until they redeem themselves, or seek a cleric of their deity for absolution (this is determined by the host as to the degree of offense).

Paladins may have to submit to a quest for their deity from time to time.

All paladins, regardless of ethic, must tithe 10% of their earned gold to a temple of their deity as soon as the gold is received.

All paladins are restricted to using only magical items that a single-classed fighter may.

If a paladin commits a serious enough transgression against their deity, they are stripped of paladin hood and may never again become a paladin for any deity, and lose all benefits of being a paladin, reverting to a fighter.

Starting Skills
Charm 10%, Danger Sense 15%, Diplomacy (+3 charisma check), Religion, Sense Motive 10%

Paladin Prayer Progression

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