Passive Skills - No skill check required.

Ancient History : - By studying the history of the world, the character learns the cultures of the peoples, the histories of the races, wartime events, calendar celebrations and religious considerations on certain days to name just a few things. Characters with this skill gain a +1 to INT when making these checks.

Ancient Languages : - The character has gone out of their way to learn the ancient forms of modern language, traveling the world and scouring libraries and archives. Through such studying they manage to master one of the ancient languages. These languages, though rarely used but sometimes seen in travels, are more value to a scholar or mage than a warrior or barbarian. Ancient Elven, High; Ancient Elven, Drow; Ancient Draconic; Ancient Sylvan; Ancient Common; Ancient Dwarven

Artistic Ability : - A character with artistic ability is fluent in musical compositions, writing with style, painting or drawing with various inks and colors as well as creating poetry or ballads. A character can create such works of art at any time, no skill check is required.

Athleticism: - The character has had thorough training, such as running great distances, lifting great weights, and has become stronger and more physically fit than most normal people. Through the consistency of this training the character has gained increased strength and the ability to display feats of strength that normal men only dream of doing. (+1 Base Strength Stat)

Balance : - A character who is well balanced has a better chance of survival in dangerous, pit fall filled labyrinths, rapid combat as well as various other situations such as during earthquakes and such. Balance is your characters ability to stay on their feet, keeping their center of gravity centered so as not to topple over. This skill gives you a +2 to your DEX check when rolling against falling, leaping and landing or anything requiring good balance.

Cartography : - A character trained in the skill of cartography is an asset to any group indeed. As many adventurers travel unknown territory, someone who can easily identify landmarks, create maps as they go and essentially easily read maps given to the group is a person that is needed indeed. Many a group has found themselves horribly lost in portions of the world unknown. The cartographer is most welcome for certain in delves into the dungeons and catacombs that dot the land as they can masterfully layout the dungeon, tunnels, etc on parchment as the group travels. There is no skill check, however the character must have a roll of parchment, an inkwell and a quill to write with.

Detect Water Source : - This skill gives the player a chance to locate a source of water. Used most often in situations where players find themselves in barren environments where a source of water is not readily available or can be found. When the skill is used a water source will be able to be found in the environment unless it is completely inhospitable to water sources.

Direction Sense : - This skill is preferred by many who travel frequently in caverns or large underground complexes, having no sun or stars to navigate by. Through honed training they have gain an innate ability to simply understand in which direction they face as a compass would inform someone. ( + 2 to intel check when trying to navigate in this manner)

Endurance : - A character with endurance proficiency is able to perform continual strenuous physical activity for twice as long as a normal character before becoming subject to the effects of fatigue and exhaustion. (Adds a +2 to Constitution checks regarding physical fatigue)

Enlightenment: - The character through meditation, a sudden and dramatic change in their life, or a divine intervention has gained insight into the path ahead of them. Now being more determined to stay strictly to their determined path or to go against it, the character is now thinking more to the future, able to think clearer and look at the big picture of himself and his surroundings. (+1 Base Wisdom Stat)

Etiquette: - The character has learned the customs and politeness or the ability to be rude in a more graceful manner, along with how to dress and look for any occasion. (+1 Base Charisma Stat)

Geography : - The character has studied hard to understand how the lay of the land has come to be, the forms of the mountains, names of large landmarks and the intersecting rivers that cross the plains. Likewise the character is well versed in the location of the cities and the overlaying kingdoms.

Grace: - The character has trained the ability to balance on thin objects, tumble around opponents, manipulate objects, and move quicker than the average person. (+1 Base Dexterity Stat)

Knowledge : - The character has studied long and hard in libraries around the world, reading of anything and everything that he has ever wanted, by doing this he can concentrate better, has learned how to better hear the lightest sounds within a quiet library and spot things out that others may have missed due to the searching he has had to do in his quest for knowledge. (+1 Base Intelligence Stat)

Languages, Modern : - The character has learned to speak another language of the known world through listening to others speak, having taken lessons by a mentor or simply reading information on the language. (This skill gives the player 3 language points to spend on an additional language from the list, may choose 3 common, 1 uncommon and 1 common, or one rare language.)

Meditation : - If used correctly, the user falls into a zen like state. The meditator is in a state of relaxation and is still aware of his surroundings, but not completely. In this state the meditator notices things outside of himself, but cannot be an effective guard in this mode as he only notices the obvious, not the small signs. If a character spends one hour meditating, they receive a +2 to all Int. and Wis. checks for the remainder of that day.

Religion : - Characters with religion proficiency know distinctly of the religious cults and groups that gather throughout the world. Information about the deities, how and where they are worshiped is common knowledge to the player. Players without this skill haven't the foggiest idea about where to even begin gathering information about gods or who to talk to. "Church? That place where we pay taxes in a bowl?"

Riding, Airborne : - The character is trained in handling a mount in an airborne environment

Riding, Land-Based : - The character is trained in handling a mount in a land based environments

Riding, Sea-Based : - The character is trained in handling a mount in a sea-based environment

Skill Focus : - Once a character has spent time using his skills in his profession, he becomes adept with them, gaining knowledge as well as experience, like learning faster methods to perform certain actions. This skill allows a player to select a skill in which they have a primary focus. The skill grants 3 Levels of Experience to a selected skill. IE: Armorer advances at 2% Per level. This would grant 6% to Your skill. This skill can be selected multiple times to focus on different skills, but it does not stack repeatedly with one skill. For example: You could select skill focus once for lock picking, then for hiding, then once again for weaponsmithing as you gained skill slots, you could NOT however select to focus in lock picking over and over again.

Survival : - The character has trained in volatile conditions, honing their inner health and physical being, then able to withstand harsh conditions including starvation, rough weather, long riding, etc. (+1 to base constitution stat)

Swimming : - Everybody knows how to swim. Unless you actively never learned how to swim, you know how to swim. Swimming will allow you to carry your weight in gear through the water without drowning. Swimming also allows your character to help someone through the water, bear someone's dead weight if they are unconscious, and increases your maneuverability if you're in extreme water situations (ie. Storms, ought seas)

Tumbling : - The character is skilled in a number of acrobatic maneuvers through physical prowess. Like a cat they are also able to endure long falls and land skillfully on their feet, causing them to take only half damage when landing. This is an excellent skill to have at it can assist greatly in combat. The player skilled in tumbling can deftly evade better than most warriors. (Skill increases evade by 4%) Tumbling maneuvers can be done by a successful Dex check. Trying these acrobatics without the skill will result in a penalty on the dex roll based on the difficulty of the task.

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