Part of the calling of the ranger is the Meandering Wanderlust deep within their souls. Thus they rarely choose to settle in one place for too long. Although there are rare cases of Rangers will take up residence in a small to medium sized territories, choosing to become the guardian of nature there.

Rangers live simple lives and feel little need for wealth although they will use what is found for helping the land. Those that chose to take up residence in a forest or a large wood will build their homes from the land around them using only fallen trees and natural materials. They will never harm a natural creature unless forced to defend themselves. Again a ranger simply cannot bring themselves to harm the land or its creatures.

A ranger will occasionally venture forth into the cities due to their curiosity and wander lust. They will spend only the required time there to get what they need or to visit with friends and allies.

The ranger, at start must choose a particular race that they find unbearable. Usually through the witnessing of some injustice being done, or any other act they do not favor they will plant a seed of hatred for that race. As they grow, so will the fury inside them toward that race.

Some find the ranger to be aloof and difficult to deal with in a group. Always trudging ahead insisting on tracking, searching and exploring. It is sometimes difficult to work with one in a large group, but that is solely based on the specific personality of the ranger.

Alignment And Racial Restrictions
Rangers may be any good or neutral alignment, except Lawful Good or Chaotic Neutral. (I.E.: Lawful Neutral, Neutral Good, True Neutral and Chaotic Good.)

Cannot be Darken Drow, Drow, Hill Dwarves, Mountain Dwarves, Fi'rahli, or Lontra.

Profession Requirements :
Minimum of 14 Wisdom

Minimum of 15 Dexterity

Those that live off the land and make their home among nature as wardens of the forest tend to follow nature deities

Behavior Toward Others:
The ranger, despite ethic, is adaptable to any group and understand the need to work with allies.

Class Abilities & Bonuses:
+5% to hit and +1 damage when using a bow. (note that this is base only and does not go up as you advance in level aside from normal advancement.) *

Rangers have a natural ability with fighting while wielding two melee weapons. While wielding one melee weapon in their main hand, they may strike with a weapon in the other hand whose damage die is no greater than a d6 during the same round, at a penalty of -10% to hit. (This ability does not stack with Dual Strike.)*

Skills marked with an asterisk can only be utilized in basic armor. If the ranger wears anything heavier than studded leather, OR armor that is non-organic they lose these abilities immediately.

At level 3, rangers are granted limited powers of prayer, casting nature prayers as a druid of their level -2.

At level 7 the ability to learn herbal lore to identify and use herbs and poison antidotes.

At level 7, the ranger receives a number of bonus prayer levels, equal to their Wisdom minus 16, that they may use to purchase bonus nature prayers. Each prayer costs a number of levels equal to its spell level. At level 12, the ranger receives twice as many bonus prayer levels, three times as many at 17, and so on.

At level 9, and 18 to Gain a Animal familiar and 1 sensory skill. Note that if the familiar dies you lose the sensory skill.

Animals you can possibly receive at said levels on a roll of d15. NOTE: If the animal dies it cannot be resurrected and the ranger loses the sensory skill permanently.

Class Flaws:
Suffer a -5 to charisma when in mid size to large cities, feeling overwhelmed and ill at ease.

Suffers a -10% to 'tracking' when in heavily populated areas.

Suffer a -5% to hit and evade when engaged in combat in a heavily populated area. such as large cities. Rangers detest heavily populated areas, especially cities. The massive distractions here upset them deeply, especially the damage that was done to the world to create the city.

Starting Skills
Animal Kinship 20%, Animal Lore 25%, Foraging 20% (+4%/level), Skulking 15%, Tracking 25%

Ranger Prayer Progression

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