Renewal of Spells and Prayers

Players are granted a specific number of spells/prayers based on their level as well as a set number they are allowed to cast per day (Along with any bonuses due to high Intelligence or Wisdom). As your level increases, so will your number of spells/prayers you will have and therefore the number of spells/prayers cast in a days time. Once they have depleted these, that player may not cast/pray again until they have rested for at least a full 6 hour period (one night sleep, etc) On long quests, player will invariably set up camp, so not only can the fighters and rogues get some rest from the toils of the physical world, but then the mage or cleric may use this time to rest, study or pray. Mages and Clerics both use the same table, knows as the Spell/Prayer progression table as is shown below. There is no easy way to merely explain or give an example of how spells and prayer progress. To simplify the process we have below for your perusal, a table for you to use when determining your current number of spells or prayers by your level. Now, the best example we can give you on how to use this table is this one:
A 7th level mage needs to figure out how many 3rd level spells she has available to her. To find out, she would first look down the far left column to find where her level is located.. Stopping on 7 she would then mark, or note the row. She would then look across the very top row to find the 3rd level for spell/prayer ability and what is offered. Trailing down she meets his fingers at where the PC Lvl 7 row and the spell/prayer 3rd level columns meet. This shows that she knows 2 3rd Lvl spells.

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