Lizard like creatures that are humanoid with a head like a raptor, of any alignment though they are normally chotic or neutral good.

Young: 10 Years
Adult: 30 Years
Middle Age: 60 Years
Old: 150 Years
Venerable: 200 Years (this age is rare)

Known Language: Reptosilian

Reptos can be of any class of Omen (Save for those listed below, see Restrictions), but their primary ones are either Clerics, Mages, Paladins, Fighters or a dual classed Cleric-Mage, Fighter-Cleric, or Fighter-Mage. A few have branched off to either paladinhood of just a basic fighter. The realm of thievery is not one they will ascribe to. Rangers are also rare among their race. Bards are also, according to lore, nonexistent among this race.

Reptos must prove themselves as good companions, already at the disadvantage of looking different and sometimes different to some means evil. Half ogres and mulden get along best with those of the reptos race. Reptos mages are treated as all mages are, and do find some kinship with the mages of Omen, and acceptance there.

The reptos are a lizard-like humanoid standing between 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 feet tall, with the head shaped similar to a raptor. Skin color is either dark brown or solid black. The eyes are green pupils with red irises. Some of the elder reptos will have patches of gray throughout their body.

The reptos look tall and powerfully built, either wearing chain mail, robes or a combination of both, though some that would choose the rare class of Ranger will be seen in leather or hide armor. Reptos Paladins are the only class of Reptos that may exceed the restriction of heavier armor than chain mail, but in this, they suffer a -15% to their evade, due to the fact that the armor is cumbersome, even though they may have the strength to carry it. They will either carry heavy maces or staves. Though sword, axe or even bow usage is not beyond them

• Natural Soak % - Due to their tough skin, they have a base 15% to their soak percentage. This can be improved with armor, though they are restricted to wearing armor no heavier than chainmail.
• Mesmeric Gaze - All Reptos have the ability to charm with their gaze. This has a 25% success rate, or the reptos’ Charm skill +5%, whichever is higher. They cannot force the charmed person or being to do anything that would appall the charmed victim, (ex: Suicide, rape, kill a friend, etc.) but the victim is open to many suggestions, and will not attack the Reptos unless the charm is broken.
• Darkvision, 100 feet
• Strength, Intelligence and Wisdom +1

• Charisma -3
• Cannot wear armor heavier than chainmail (Except for Paladins, who suffer a -15% to evade while wearing heavy armor, whether the armor is enchanted or not.)
• Must prove their worth or be shunned.

• Cannot be assassins, bards, druids, or rogues.

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