The Rogue is the woman hiding in the shadows with a dagger hidden up her sleeve or the pickpocket in a crowd that bumps into you and shrugging as she walks on by with a simple "excuse me". The man doing sleight of hand for coppers in an inns alleyway or the man plunging a dagger into your spine and robbing you blind. Simply said the rogue is the one that will take your belongings if they can get away with it.

Rogues can be found all over the kingdoms of the realm, You can never tell exactly what one will look like for they blend in with any and all other classes only subtle clues tell what he is. The rogue lives by his skill alone. He is not a master warrior and possesses little skill in actual combat.

Alignment And Racial Restrictions:
Any Alignment

Cannot be Reptos or Sharpwings

Profession Requirements :
Minimum of 17 Dexterity
Minimum of 15 Intelligence

Behavior Toward Others:
Rogues keep the tidbit of information of what they are from others if possible. Only with time will Rogues gain trust if any at all from their allies.

Class Abilities & Bonuses:
At 1st level, gain one of the following skills, player’s choice: Climbing, Disguise, Forgery, Gather Information, or Ventriloquism.

The rogue’s greatest gift in combat is the backstab, a sneak attack at a target’s vital areas.

In order to perform the backstab, the rogue must pass a Skulking check in order to remain hidden from the target long enough to find an opening to strike in. If the target is already aware of the assassin, then they cannot make a Skulking check, and must instead make an attack roll as a feint. This feint deals no damage, but instead opens the target’s defenses for a backstab attempt. The backstab must be attempted by the end of the assassin’s next turn, or the opportunity is lost. Feints deal no damage, and can be evaded normally.

Once the Skulking check or feint succeeds, the rogue’s next attack on the target is an attempted backstab. Should the backstab hit, it cannot be attempted again for the remainder of the event, regardless of whether a new encounter begins or not. A missed backstab does not expend a use of the ability, and the rogue may try again on her next turn. The target will, of course, be aware of her if she misses.

In the case of a rogue with Dual Strike skill, either or both of their attacks can be a feint, and the next attack taken, either on the same turn or the next turn, will resolve as a backstab, should the feint succeed. Performing two successful feints in a row has no benefit over the first. Should the rogue roll the backstab as her first attack, she can still Dual Strike in that turn.

A successful backstab cannot be evaded, and deals extra damage based on the following table:
Backstab Modifiers
Level Modifier
1-5: +4
6-10: +8
11-15: +12
16-20: +16
21-25: +20
26-30: +24

Any weapon used in a backstab cannot deal more than d8 base damage. Rogues must use melee weapons or crossbows for backstabbing. If a larger weapon or invalid ranged weapon is used, the attack is not treated as a backstab and can be evaded normally.

Rogues are immune to backstab attempts by characters of a lower level than they are. Their knowledge of dirty tricks keeps them from falling for their own ruses.

Burglary Rules:
As the rogues also have a connecting guild, they are given their contracts in much the same way that Assassins are, but to begin the burglary process they would have to find the target they wish to make on the targets list. After that Gather Information is used to put together as much or little information as they feel is appropriate. Location, dimensions, owners, information about security or guards, special facets of the item. When the information has been gathered and the rogue feels that they are prepared to make an attempt on the item that they are looking to steal.

Class Flaws:
The rogue, in order to be good at what he does, must remain silent at all costs. The rogue refuses to wear any armor that includes metal as they feel the possibility for creating noise at the wrong time is too great. If a rogue for some reason does don armor besides the only type allowed (plain cloth or leather, studded leather or hide — may also use bucklers) then they completely lose their skills at Skulking and Sleight of Hand. All other default skills they have suffer a -20% penalty when using the skills.

Rogues cannot select Detect Traps or Disarm Traps, as they already have those skills in their combined Detect & Disarm Traps skill.

Receives a -3 on all charisma checks of people they do not know already.

Starting Skills
Appraisal 20%, Detect & Disarm Traps 20%, Lockpicking 20%, Sleight of Hand 20%, Skulking 20%

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