A winged race with attitudes similar to most elves, except they are more sensitive to the call of the deities of Omen. Which at times can make them more introverted than most races, even to other elves.

Young: 50 Years
Adult: 100 Years
Middle Age: 250 Years
Old: 500 Years
Venerable: 900 Years

Known Language: Elven and Sharpwing

Socially, sharpwings can interact well with all good or neutral races. Those of an evil alignment are watched carefully or the sharpwing separates themselves from the offender. Due to their nature and the high esteem they are held in by the elven community, as fewer than 3 are born every 10 years, plus their own feelings of the good and neutral aligned deities, they can never be of an evil alignment.

They can be any class except for those in the rogue category, though the two main choices for a sharpwing are cleric and paladin, as those fall in with their closeness with their deity. Rangers are also a class they can excel in, due to their sensitivity to the woodland creatures.

Sharpwings look, for all intents and purposes, just like high elves in both skin tone, hair, eye color, height and weight, except they are more graceful and their features more striking than even the high elves. The one noticeable difference are the wings that sprout from their back, which are feathered and range from pure white to white with wingtips of assorted colors, which in all cases, have a very angular look, with sharp points, hence the name, sharpwing. They are also known by other races as the "Angelic Elf" due to this as well. They are most capable of flight and in most cases, is their preferred mode of travel, though they will accommodate other races by riding a mount or walking

• A sharpwing’s wings may carry them aloft into the air, enabling shockingly fast speed in short bursts. While flying, the sharpwing moves at a rate of 100 feet per round, but ambling about in the air is tiring. On the third round of flight, the sharpwing must pass a Constitution +2 check or land as fatigue overtakes them. Each consecutive round of flight after the third forces the sharpwing to repeat the check, with a cumulative -1 penalty. Once a sharpwing lands, they must refrain from flight to rest their wings for a number of rounds equal to the time that they spent flying. While airborne, the sharpwing suffers a -10% penalty to hit, evade, and concentration, due to the effort and focus required to maintain flight.
• Darkvision 150'
• Innate sensitivity to forest creatures of animal intelligence
• Wisdom +2
• Charisma +1
• intelligence +1

• Suffer x2 damage from evil/unholy attacks, including prayers with a negative modifier to Good and obsidian weapons.
• Suffer a -2 to Constitution.
• Suffer a -3 to Strength.

• Cannot be rogue or assassin class.
• Cannot be of an evil alignment during character generation. A sharpwing may earn an evil alignment during play, but will likely be reviled by other members of their race, should this change be made known.
• Cannot wear armor heavier than chain mail (unless specially enchanted.)

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