Stats Description

There are 6 ability scores, or Stats that we use in the game. They are listed below. PLEASE NOTE: No score can be below 5. If deductions to an ability score would take the score below 5, you cannot perform this and must raise that ability score so that with deductions, it is a mimimum of 5.

Though the stats modifiers go up to 23 on character creation the highest score that you can allot a single stat is 20, you're able to reach 23 by the addition of any modifiers (racial or professional or items that you may gain through events and or purchases in the market place.)

**You have 90 points to spend on character creation for your stats.

This score determines and represents your characters physical strength. It determines, on a basic approximation, how much your character can carry, lift or move. It is also used to calculate additional damage for melee attacks for those individuals who possess exceptional strength. This ability is the prime requisite of any warrior, for they know they can rely on their strength in a combat situation, thereby being able to cause more physical damage against a foe.

Listed below is the strength ability, followed by damage modifier (if any) and the maximum weight that the character can carry. (Please note that damage modifiers begin at 16 strength.):

  • - Based on creature size of small to large. Giant and larger have a different strength scale.

5-50 lbs max
6-65 lbs max
7-80 lbs max
8-95 lbs max
9-110 lbs max
10-130 lbs max
11-170 lbs max
12-200 lbs max
13-235 lbs max
14-270 lbs max
15-310 lbs max
16 +1 to Damage Roll (Melee weapon) 345 lbs max
17 +1 to Damage Roll (Melee weapon) 390 lbs max
18 +2 to Damage Roll (Melee weapon) 425 lbs max
19 +3 to Damage Roll (Melee weapon) 480 lbs max
20 +4 to Damage Roll (Melee weapon) 525 lbs max
21 +5 to Damage Roll (Melee weapon) 650 lbs max
22 +6 to Damage Roll (Melee weapon) 800 lbs max *
23 +7 to Damage Roll (Melee weapon) 1000 lbs max *

This ability is a direct representation of your characters mental prowess, thought processes level of comprehension and of cognitive thinking. It also may be used to represent creativity and imagination, be it in the arts, sciences, sagely pursuits or arcane study. This ability is the prime and most necessary requisite for anyone wishing to be a Mage, for it is extremely important for them to be mentally stable and to have the ability to understand the complex gestures and words of the arcane so as to make their magic effective.

Intelligence is directly attached to how your character learns the languages of the world. By changing the Intelligence score you change the number of Language Points you are able to begin with. Languages cost 1 point for a Common Language, 2 points for an Uncommon Language, and 3 points for a Rare Language.

Below is a chart showing the intelligence score, the number of languages allowed and bonus spell modifier (mage related) for high intelligence:

10 (two language point)
11 (three language points)
12 (four language points)
13 (five language points)
14 (six language points )
15 (seven language points)
16 (eight language points, +1 dmg to spell)*
17 (nine language points, +1 dmg to spells)*
18 (ten language points, +2 dmg to spells)*
19 (eleven language points, +2 dmg to spells)*
20 (twleve language points, +3 dmg to spells)*
21 (thirteen language points, +3 dmg to spells)*
22 (fourteen language points, +4 dmg to spells) *
23 (fifteen language points, +4 dmg to spells)*

Wisdom is the representation of the fundamentals of the thought process and morals of the mind and of the being. Wisdom comes with experience (and age, as some hope). Unlike the natural intelligence one is born with, wisdom is something that must be gained and cultivated. This ability is the prime requisite for a Cleric, who gains wisdom over time and it is that wisdom that allows her to better understand her Deity and her place in the world around her and what she can affect and what can affect her. Paladins, being the religious warrior, also find that a higher wisdom in essential to them as well.

Below you will find the table for wisdom, the additional damage/affect for prayers and bonus prayers:

10 (no bonuses)
11 (no bonuses)
12 (no bonuses)
13 (no bonuses)
14 (no bonuses)
15 (no bonuses)
16 +1 to prayer damage / healing
17 +1 to prayer damage / healing
18 +2 to prayer damage / healing
19 +2 to prayer damage / healing
20 +3 to prayer damage / healing
21 +3 to prayer damage / healing
22 +4 to prayer damage / healing
23 +4 to prayer damage / healing

Constitution is an important part of a character, because it represents your characters health and vitality. Your constitution score is used to determine saves against such things as system shocks, resurrections, spells, massive trauma from a massive blow or a long fall, etc. Any and all situations that would directly affect your physical and mental health. Being fit and healthy should be a requisite for any player. though Fighters and Clerics are the ones that can gain the most benefit from a good Constitution. But for any class, this is a good ability to have in the higher range.

Listed below is the table for Constitution, in it you will see the numbers for bonus Hit Points , or HP and % of magic resistance:

10— (no bonus HP,magic resistance or poison soak)
11— (no bonus HP,magic resistance or poison soak)
12 —(no bonus HP,magic resistance or poison soak)
13 —(no bonus HP,magic resistance or poison soak)
14 —(no bonus HP,magic resistance or poison soak)
15 —(no bonus HP or magic resistance) 5% poison resistance
16 +1/Lvl gain-(no bonus magic resistance) 10% poison resistance
17 +1/Lvl gain 5% magic resistance 15% poison resistance
18 +2/Lvl gain 10% magic resistance 20% poison resistance
19 +2/Lvl gain 15% magic resistance 25% poison resistance
20 +3/Lvl gain 20% magic resistance 30% poison resistance
21 +3/Lvl gain 25% magic resistance 35% poison resistance
22 +3/Lvl gain 35% magic resistance 40% poison resistance
23 +3/Lvl gain 45% magic resistance 45% poison resistance

Some people think that Charisma is merely the physical beauty of a person. While this is partially true, it is just that. Only a part of the whole persona. This ability helps you get along with others that you will interact with. It represents your ability to deal with people and the ability to deal with the public in general and to function well in social settings. Another thing that charisma can represent is your natural ability to lead people. the higher your charisma, the better people will react to you and they are more likely to obey your orders in a leadership position. High charisma is a must for anyone wishing to be a leader of people. An above average charisma is one of the prime requisites for a paladin, be it Good, Neutral or Evil.

Below is the table for a high Charisma and the charm bonus that is attached to it:

10 (No Charm bonus)
11 (No Charm bonus)
12 (No Charm bonus)
13 (No Charm bonus)
14 (No Charm bonus)
15 (No Charm bonus)
16 + 2% Charm bonus
17 + 3% Charm bonus
18 + 4% Charm bonus
19 + 5% Charm bonus
20 + 6% Charm bonus
21 + 7% Charm bonus
22 + 8% Charm bonus
23 + 9% Charm bonus

This stat will assist in not only evading, but also with your ability to hit a target. It simplifies your physical agility, especially in relation to your ability to move and react quickly, being either fleet of foot, quick with the hand or a general lithe and gracefulness. This ability is prime for any player wishing to be of the Rogue class, though Mages find having a good dexterity beneficial, as do Assassins.

Listed below are the benefits of a good dexterity. Since the bonuses begin at 16, the list stats from there:

10 (No Bonuses)
11 (No Bonuses)
12 (No Bonuses)
13 (No Bonuses)
14 (No Bonuses)
15 (No Bonuses)
16 +1% to Evade, +1 Damage (Ranged weapon), +1% To Hit
17 +2% to Evade, +1 Damage (Ranged weapon), +2% To Hit
18 +3% to Evade, +2 Damage (Ranged weapon), +3% To Hit
19 +4% to Evade, +2 Damage (Ranged weapon), +4% To Hit
20 +5% to Evade, +3 Damage (Ranged weapon), +5% To Hit
21 +6% to Evade, +3 Damage (Ranged weapon), +6% To Hit
22 +7% to Evade, +4 Damage (Ranged weapon), +7% To Hit
23 +8% to Evade, +5 Damage (Ranged weapon), +8% To Hit

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