Tack and Harness

Barding - Chain 500gp 70lbs
Barding - Full Plate 2000gp 85lbs
Barding - Full Scale 1000gp 75lbs
Barding - Half Brigadine 500gp 45lbs
Barding - Half Padded 100gp 25lbs
Barding - Half Scale 500gp 50lbs
Barding - Leather or Padded 150gp 60lbs
Bit and Bridle - 3gp 3lbs
Halter - 1gp
Cart Harness - 2gp 10lbs
Horseshoes & Shoeing - 1gp 10lbs
Saddle - Pack 5gp 15lbs
Saddle - Riding -10gp 35lbs
Saddle Bags - Small 3gp 5lbs
Saddle Bags - Large 4gp 8lbs
Saddle Blanket - 1gp 4lbs
Yoke - Horse 5gp 15lbs
Yoke - Ox 3gp 20lbs

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